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  • ya you r right bras Good SEO Required patience bco in seo whenever you done any activity after you need to w8 and watch.....

  • ohh brad grate sound and video i agree with you that website can ranked in 90 days...grate job you have done nice example....

  • Creatingawebsiteguide

    Nice example of how just organic growth and natural link building yields more sales naturally. 3-4x growth is impressive over the course of a year.

  • Thanks you so much for wonderful blog. I believe that when you are thinking about SEO you need to be thinking about a long term plan for how you’re going to achieve ranking for search terms. It’s not instant pay off, but a long term commitment to produce good content. SEO is not magic, its all about its unique content.

  • Thanks for the tips. I'm going to be putting them to work shortly.

  • Thanks for the video!

  • Very Insightful Information to those that are Beginning this and not seeing the hein sight of the efforts put in. AS a It director for a motorsports company I understand the fundamentals of patience and Constancy when it comes to seo and sem marketing. You are a great person for providing truthful practices in seo applications. I look forward to more of your work thanks for all your contributions.

    Robert Blackwell

    Blackwell Management Inc

  • Definitely agree with SEO taking awhile but don't see how his ecommerce increase proved an increase in SEO results (they could have come from other sources).

  • The people that have purchased from that network will always get high rankings from a complete ROI or return on investment than a uncompleted ppc campaign transaction. Its the relevancy that is a factor here, just some insight

  • robwallace

    Throw me some PR7+ links and I'll send you a coupon for a free listing on Yahoo.

  • James

    When everyone starts using SEO, will it still be possible to get to the top of search engine lists? Won't there exist a crowding out effect of sorts.

  • Wow -- very interesting and encouraging; thanks for sharing! If it takes 6-12 months to gain rank, I wonder if the same applies in "losing" rank - or perhaps that's dependent on outside factors, such as competition going after your SEO targets. Either way, its good to know for those working hard once on top of the hill you'll likely be there for a while.

  • Awesome. For once, a realistic look at how SEO works over time. Thanks for sharing that.

  • davepatterson

    Anything to improve SEO is always great. But when you benefit from the increase in traffic+sales, it shows that a lot of necessary hard work can really pay off. Great post and cool blog! Dave

  • Yusuf C

    awesome as always

  • Ron Westlund

    Thanks for keeping it REAL! Refreshing and inspirational!

  • Thanks for the reply. Another thought came up about patience, seo, and time... Pretty much every SEO expert would argue the search engine algorithm changes constantly, and if SEO gives better results for the long term, how do SEO's know which direction to steer towards?

  • Although the algorithm may change. Core SEO principles have not. Most algorithm changes are there to help good interpret human searches and phrases to make sense of it all. For the most part we only pay attention to significant changes like the popularity of RSS feeds and sitemaps.

    Day to day algorithm changes don't affect the good guys as much as they do the bad guys ;)

  • Just want to mention that not all sites take 365 days to rank.

    Most of the basic sites see an initial result in 90 days. This example had thousands of pages AND competitors which made a hardcore SEO strategy take time.

  • Interesting video Brad.

    I like seeing this approach used so successfully! It gives people faith lol

    I can't wait to break this video out next time a client complains to me their site isn't at the top of Google in a day. That isn't an exaggeration either, we made a site for a client recently and the day after the site was up she emailed us and said "I can't see my site anywhere in Google". I am definitely emailing her this link :)

  • Trevor

    Great video Brad,

    Do you sell any guides/ information on a good approach to link building? I've been looking for good information on the subject lately to start building up a rather large review site im developing.

  • Brad, on a scale of 1-10 (10 being VERY niche targeted), the client in this example- how niche focused are they? The reason I ask is that you mention one of the keys to their (and yours- congrats) success is thousands of pages optimized for a long tail. What would you recommend saying to a local business that has ~ 25 pages and they want to optimize for their local market?

  • They sell retail products in a niche that has a large variety of products to choose from. I would say on a niche scale they are probably an 8. This is not a micro niche though.

    You can optimize 25 pages for a local business too. I should maybe make a video about that :)

  • Brad, your quirky approach is always refreshing:) Perhaps patience is a good virtue if you're a bird watcher, what if you're in a fast moving game? Traffic is the life blood of any business, does SEO really involve strong will power or a great website optimization plan? There are much better ways to plug your site into overdrive and get results.

  • John

    There are shortcuts sure. But real money results comes from a well structured long term plan. I don't want to get my clients results that are temporary :)

    Not sure I would call my approach quirky as I would realistic ;)

  • Thanks for sharing. I always look forward to your post. BTW, along with the increase in revenue, their conversion rate almost tripled. What would you contribute to such a jump?

  • Most of it comes from the long tail pages that got ranked. Now more visitors search and find the exact buy page for the product they want instead of being sent to the home page.

    Conversions went up as did sales when thousands of individual pages began to rank well :)

  • Good info. Great example, Well Done!

    Btw the first question that came to mind (and I'm asking this for others not myself). If SEO takes long and the results are slow how does a company know when they've gone with the wrong SEO firm? Maybe that could be better answered in a blog. I have a few friends working at SEO companies and those companies are scams. They really don't help these guys. But how is one supposed to know who to go with? and then at what point to pull the plug?

  • SOLD: I will do a post on that topic shortly :)

  • Thanks again for the proof of fruit on the tree. We are back on track, nice to know what awaits.

  • joshuatitsworth

    What?! No magic beans? As always nice post and information.

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