• Guest

    FYI, there is a glitch in the description text for this video on your homepage:

    "SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "What’s... "

  • Great video... looks like you are on top of the world!

  • Caroline

    Good story, excellent insight....there are lessons in just about everything - thanks!

  • I was telling Brad that I want to work on my story telling abilities because I know how important of a skill it is in business. This was my first attempt at telling a story via video blogging. Thanks for taking the time to watch...also, thanks for finding the real lesson in it Brad. That was awesome insight!

  • Great video guys - I have heard this story before - but this is an interesting take on it.

    This is probably one of the things I have to work on the most myself - I know I can let my imagination get away from me. For example lets say a payment is late from a customer...instantly I think BEAR! (customer isn't happy, won't pay, doesn't have money to pay etc...) but really it is usually a raccoon (customer wasn't online, got held up etc).

    Very interesting look at fear guys.

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