• I believe we must have an opinion, but we must accept that opinions vary and are not necessarily "right" or "wrong". When someone wants to argue, just say "I understand you feel that way, but I disagree". They can try to force their view on you till their face is blue, but if you stick to this statement, there will never be an argument.

    As soon as you try to tell your side, though, you open up the doors for an argument.

  • Great video - I definitely see where you are coming from and I will admit to having a bit of this need to be right syndrome.

    Like you though I am pretty OK with dropping most conversations, I have some weird political leanings on some issues and I am pretty good at listening to people express the opposite opinion. I'll usually just nod.

    However, there is one issues I feel I am 100% right on and I will not spare a persons feelings and or back down from arguing that point. It never stresses me out because I am so sure of my point that I find it laughable to even argue it:

    LeBron is better than Kobe right now.

  • There are times to stick to your guns but they are few and far between. There are so many people who want to argue just for argument's sake and it gets tiring and taxing mentally.

    I find that if you can, let them be right and walk away. If at all possible, avoid people like that. This reminds me of a lot of the principles in Dale Carnegie's book How To Win Friends And Influence People. I wish more people would read that book.

  • You must be the best husband ever. If my wife ever sees this video I'll have to kill you.

  • I was taught this principle in a seminar many years ago. As a matter of fact they went so far as to say:
    "Would you rather be right or happy?"
    I'm still learning this principle. The other one closely associated with it is the Need to Look Good.
    Its sad how we will destroy relationships, self sabotage, start wars, and hold back our love because of the selfish need to be right, and remain a victim rather than taking responsibility, and allowing others to just "be".
    If its seemingly so hard to change ourselves, how the frack do you expect to change someone else.
    Stop trying!

    Don't get me started.

  • I totally agree.

    I use to need to make my point, not I dont care.

    Yesterday I was having a conversation with someone and they are like May 1st in Monday, I am like no May 1st in a Saturday, they said it again, no it is a Monday. I responded okay cool its a Monday. My wife steps in and says we have a wedding to goto that day its a Saturday. Checked it up, I was right. The point is that if someone wants to argue that May 1st is a Monday, let it be a Monday to them, not worth arguing over.


  • I'm at the point where I almost feel better knowing that the other person is trying so hard. I can be the first person to agree just for the sake of not having to debate. I know a lot of people that are this way and I strive to be open minded and listen more than trying to shove stats and data down peoples throats so I can say "I know more" or "I'm right"

    Great post!

  • Amazing, I've had that same opinion for years now, great advice I try to live my life by, but sometimes I slip, but thanks for explaining it so clearly Brad !!

  • Awesome post Brad!

    I also had this same conversation with my uncle a few years ago, which considering our latin heritage in which we argue because we're so darn lively, took us into the issue of caring more to be happy than to be right. He's now almost 70 years old and has spent most of his life fighting to be right. Over the years I have witness the stress this has brought to him and I wish I could help him... but in following my own advise, I prefer to be happy than to be right.

    Today, I simply don't have time for arguments like these! It's just so much nicer to disengage from any toxic avengers out there to prove their point. Life is just too beautiful to even consider the possibility of ruining these precious moments that we have while we're here!

    Letting go is not only healthy but it also makes you turn away from distractions and bring you back to what is really important. In my life, those things are exploration, creativity and relationships.

    Thanks for your thoughts.


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