• Interesting grate awesome outstanding video......No have more words to explain it.........

  • @corri: ya i agree with you Stumble give more traffic we can use digg also...

  • I love your post with valuable words...grate video...


    Great post Brad, thanks. This one is very relevant to anyone in the "Bored Office Worker" space. Believe if or not "Traditional" PPC doesn't fit that space so well, at least from our results. So stumbleupon sounds pretty interesting.

    I'll have to ponder what to provide, maybe a "how to" for something related to our game. And then test, tweak, test, tweak, ...

  • yes my lifestyle design site has hundreds of stumbleupon traffic via paid ads but their average time on my site is 27 second,s with 87% bounce rates. WOnder whats wrong with my landing page design?

  • Just recently found your blog via SU; good stuff. Thanks for the video, I've been curious about how effective SU's ad platform is.

  • Brad, thanks, there is a formula to winning with Stumbleupon, I've been using their ad platform for many years with great success in terms of being very profitable, although you really gotta continually test and tweak what works, always track results...

  • Great stuff as always Brad. I can see you are a numbers freak like I am :)

  • Here is the way I look at this (correct me if you think this is off base)

    1. Yes SU traffic is lower quality and has ADD (that's why it costs 90% less)
    2. Yes the average time on my site drops because many people bounce right away.

    If I can spend $25 a day to generate 500 visitors to my blog and just 2 of those people stick and become followers/subscribers/friends/customers in the long run I win. Keep in mind this is still a test not a strategy but so far I am happy with the results from the SEO category.

  • gourmetcoffeesnob

    your post is so much closer to the real world experiences that most of us have...thanx for having the integrity to speak the truth...very much appreciated...be sure to google me...

    @Brad...thanx for posting both sides...not everyone is successful every time...

    gourmet coffee snob

  • This is interesting! I've noticed for myself that Stumbleupon has been sending more traffic... WAY more than Digg!

  • A few weeks ago I purchased 300 stumbles, for $15. I sent them to a post about business lessons learned from zombie movies, I figured that might hold the attention of some. The traffic was crap, time on site went down to like 12 seconds. Out of the 300, I think 8 subscribed to my feed.

    I have heard of people having success with sumbleupon advertising, but so far, my experience with it is not so hot. I am sure my next viral worthy post, I will try again and see how it goes.

  • very cool Brad. thanks for sharing. that would be very targeted traffic too.
    Stuart Stirling

  • Hi Brad,
    Interesting, would like to know more results you may have.

  • Customerexplabs

    Good video brad. I've been unimpressed w stumble upon traffic. It seems like very low quality ADD type of traffic due to it's nature

    Do you have any stats you can share? E.g. How many conversions? How many signups? What was the average cost of those? And how do the average costs compare to your adwords numbers for the same metrics?

  • Brad, really nice post I have been looking for different sources of traffic, because PPC is going mainstream and the bidding prices are really high (the traffic is one of the best but it is getting expensive) nevertheless with the prices you are talking in Stumble upon, the traffic can have more quality than the content network of Google, but a lot cheaper and I guess you can use it to test different titles of books, or products, I was almost crying when you said "no squeeze pages" but if you can buy traffic for blog content this can work for my porpoises.

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