• This Ted Payne fellow seems very smart. :)

    For me it wasn't that much about dressing up as I actually don't mind that - it was me really over-censoring my blog not to offend potential clients. You can imagine how bland a blog could be doing that.

  • Great point Brad, in my business there are a lot of fakes. I try to teach the point of personal branding and it can't be done effectively if your not yourself, as sooner or later it will bite you in the ass!

  • I've done both sides and I always find that being yourself makes people more comfortable!

  • marklyford

    Good video mate, I completely agree ;)

  • joshuaplus

    Thanks Brad, I enjoyed this. I'm just about to graduate and have felt the pressure to look the part. This is just what I needed to hear to put the mind back at ease.

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