• It's an opportunity if you can able to attend on that kind of event. You can learn many things about SEO and on how to optimize a website effectively.

  • Do not engage in link scheme. This video tells it all. Really nice watching it.

  • Nice video! Really fantastic information. Thanks a lot!

  • The video in full and also in HD!

  • Superb speech learnt alot.

  • Great speech. I certainly took something from there. Thanks for sharing.

  • Great Stuff Brad. Thanks for Sharing.

  • Hey Brad,

    Always enjoy what you have to say. Appreciate you sharing your knowledge.


  • Ron Westlund

    Great talk Brad! Thanks for sharing it.

  • Bill

    Hi Brad,

    Great video, really enjoyed it. I am still relativly new at affiliate marketing, but I love the topic of SEO. You mentioned something that I am a bit confused about, and that is automated links services are not a good thing. Is that like 1 Waylinks and Onlywire?

    I have not used these services, but have been thinking about it. I don't want to get involved with anything that will make Google mad. My site is on page 1 for 2 days and then vanishes for a week, so I am assuming I need more backlinks to get some permanant visability. Should all automatic link services be avoided?

    Thanks for any time you have for my question, just trying to keep things on the up and up and not inadvertently get on Googles bad list.

  • This was a great talk and I have been trying to implement all the top tips ever since.

    I was formally not involved in Social Media prior to WordCamp 2010 but Brad and the other speaker convinced me of the value of 'off site' SEO.

    Thanks Brad.

    P.S. I'm actually in this vid, I ask about SEO in non-English languages.

  • Ah that was you with the fresh question :)

    Glad you got some value out of the talk!

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