• abusymommy

    I am a server. That being said...Tip/Bribe...do what you can. Servers get paid squat and a hostess usually less. If I have a que, and you throw a 20 at me, your name will magically appear at the top of my list. "Reservation for...."

    Is it fair?? Maybe not, but who ever said life is fair. If you can't afford to tip, you probably shouldn't be eating out.

  • I have been thinking about this and I think I change my answer to: It depends on the caliber of the restaurant!

    I would never do it at a chain or a franchised restaurant like Kelsey's or Moxey's or whatever. But a privately owned nice lookin' "eatery" I would tip for sure.

    Anywhere that was a chain I would walk out!

  • I don't see anything wrong with tipping a host/hostess for privlaged service. It is their job to ensure you have top service until the wait staff takes over. If I worked as a host I would probably take better care of a customer who has the thought to go that extra distance to show they need/appreicate my help in advance. I don't think that wait staff or the host gets paid all that much and if you are eating out and you CAN go that extra step why not?

    I do see the side of not having the money to tip those people or bribe or whatever but then perhaps you are over thinking the tip or at a place out of your price range! This kind of falls into the pay it forward category slightly.... doesn't it? (pay them to get "optimal" seating or prompt service)

  • Awesome video! I would probably go to another restaurant if the wait was too long. And tipping a check in host at a hotel, that is a brilliant move, well done, I'll keep that in the back of my mind for my travels!

  • dello1

    Great Topic!

  • Ron Westlund

    I always tip/bribe. I do it around town and people remember me. I don't walk around like a hotshot, infact I drive a 20 year old car and t-shirt and jeans is my usual attire. It's more expensive but most of the time I'm saving time and I'm usually getting really good service or attention from people. I do it on all levels from the frozen Yogurt place to the 5 star Hotel and Restaurant. People remember. I just figure most people aren't paid enough so I brighten there day and it then comes back to me instantly and brightens my day. Time isn't only money but I've only got one life to live. So I am interested in making it the best experience I can.

  • I always find a booth in the bar area. This works 90% of the time.

  • I think in order, I would: wait, leave, or bribe. A lot would depend on how much I wanted to eat at the restaurant ... and I tend to have a great deal of patience, too.

  • I used the Tennessee handshake to get a Wii for my kids the year they were scarce. My daughter who is a host at a restaurant has accepted two bribes in the last year.

    The old saying "Money talks" has been around for a long time and there is a reason for that.

  • I definitely agree with this video - the supermarket line one was pretty arguable but this one I totally agree with you Brad.

    I have never jumped the line at a restaurant - but I have used money to get into a club so same thing really. I also know that if you tip a bartender and/or waitress well early in the night - you will get better service. A lot of the times, I will be waiting at the bar and bartenders will pass over people that were there before me because of this.

    As for the other side of it - how it isn't "fair" because someone might not be able to tip etc.. OK so you are mad that someone got a table for you because they were able to tip and you weren't? What about the people that can't even afford to go out for dinner? Do you feel bad that you are out for a night and they aren't? Where do we draw the line?

    I am not some super capitalist either. I think every person has a certain right to things like safety, shelter, food...I just don't think those same rights transfer to "speed in which you get seated".

    Having more money than other people affords you certain luxuries in this society - I say you can learn to deal with that and use it as motivation to work your ass off...or you can go join a commune.

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