• huz

    I like the articles keep up with this interesting work.

  • I got nailed on the email thing,and I thought I had improved when I set it to one-hour intervals. ha!

  • As a new and inspiring Internet Marketer trying to build an online business I feel I have to be a Workaholic. There are times where I waste time and I am not productive. The idea is to not be a workaholic maybe outsource some work but I do wonder if I will really change as I will have to stay on top of the outsourcing. I guess I'll find out in the near future.

    The one idea have to not become a workaholic is to first make a conscious decision to take time off or away from the business. Try scheduling time throughout the day to take breaks just like you would do in a regular job.

    - Rick

  • Brad, what you said about spending hours in front of your computer and being busy but not really getting work done is something that I can relate to. In fact, I am doing it right now. I was up at around 6am as usual and started work, was productive for about four hours, and now am responding to this post and being unproductive!

    I think I will use your strategy and go do something else for about twenty minutes and then make a conscientious effort of getting productively busy.

  • Very interesting thoughts, guys.
    I also have a very workaholic streak. It's okay as long as I'm involved in building and working on new projects. In fact, I think it's one of my strengths that I can work on one thing like a madman until it's done.
    On the other hand, I also experience these periods of busywork and inbox-watching and that's definitely a waste of life...

  • [hand raised] Guilty. Ironic that our goal is to work less yet we are naturally drawn to "work" out of instinct.

    I've found that if I schedule "not working" time, or time with my kids or church or whatever, then productivity, satisfaction, and quality of life improves.

    So for me, scheduling "absolutely no work" time keeps me from becoming a workaholic.

  • marklyford

    Thats definitely me guys. W4WS :/ I feel guilty if Im not working .....

  • oh wait, I got a email from Brad Gosse, dropped what I was doing watched a 6 minute video, made a comment and now back to work :)

    This is a good example :)

  • Sounds like me, but I am not a workaholic, its a life style choice :)

    So I am the same, here is how I deal with it

    #1 - Put yourself in a position where you cannot deal with it. Like travel or be out of the house more often.

    #2 - I got a sign on my desk

    I am guilty of being drawn to my computer and feeling that I have to work.

    Cheers and good post,

  • So true Justin and Brad. This is something I struggle with as well. I've started taking time outs as well. Trying to make time is challenging but doable.

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