• Bob

    The statement that had the most impact for me is when you said "I'm working on a ton of my own projects right now". I asked myself the question of whether it is better to focus on one or a few things or on many things. Also, would it be better to work on my own projects or get paid helping somebody's else project? Is focus an issue? I'm not criticizing you. These were just questions I asked myself when you said that but I agree that ideas mean nothing without action.

  • I have the people and resources to work on more than one project. If you are a 1 person business focus is key. 1 thing at a time :)

  • So true Brad...

    I live by the motto... "Ideas are nothing without Execution"

  • I once went to a meeting with a company I was a major affiliate for. They flew me out and paid all my costs to stay at a nice hotel etc.

    I gave them an idea that made them over $20 million in 6 months.

    The idea was only valuable to them and their resources. I could not have made $20 million on the idea myself.

    So the value of my idea in my hands was low. Once they put it into action it had value.

  • I think I'd have to agree, although it would be terribly demoralizing to share an idea with someone who then takes it and runs with it. That said, until an idea is in the form of something that delivers value to others, it ain't gonna do you much good.

  • I won't completely disagree but at the same time i can't completely agree either. It depends on circumstances. I believe client's have all the rights for project privacy. I can name well known companies who will do anything to hide their project plan just to protect their "idea". In this case, the idea is the business. On the other side, idea MAY NOT have any value before it gets a life (except patent). Therefore, it is really difficult to add a conclusion to such matters by stating "ideas have no value...." :)


  • Idea + Action + Right Person or Team = RESULTS

    the age old statement "Ideas are a dime a dozen" is completely true.


  • Rob

    Right on the money Brad. Same here, I was asked to sign before we could talk more in depth. WTF, they want to pick your brain AND handcuff you at the same time. I can see both sides of the coin but you will never go anywhere with your idea if you don't do some kind of testing or confiding in professionals.

    "An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea.” -Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta, the founder of Buddhism, 563-483 B.C.

  • Brad I actually made a post about this yesterday. I agree 100%. Here is what I wrote.

    One thing I've learned is everybody has ideas. The value comes in how you execute the idea. I know that sounds obvious but a lot of people feel their ideas are worth something. There are a lot of BAD ASS projects being worked on. No matter how amazing and unique you may think your idea it's probably not that unique so you need to really knock it out of the park. Don't sit back and rely on the idea to propel your success your execution is going to be the key.

  • Good advice. You know that I am one of those people that has a million ideas and no products. That is all about to change as I finish the product that you and Justin have challenged me to finish.

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