• I agree to everything that was said. You both are very well spoken.
    I believe that if your in business, you have to take risks. Never wait for the right time to hire someone because there never will be 'a right time'. Hire someone and money/cash flow will come your way!

  • marklyford

    I think Im a Steve jobs type :) Good video guys :)

  • toniosmith

    Wish I seen this video about a year ago lol.

    ClinTonio Smith

  • I have been really surprised by the amount of different products Brad have released, and I think outsourcing is the key to achieve that level of productivity, I think that you should think of your project like a series of tasks that need to be done and you outsource specific tasks, you do not hire employees, besides you are decreasing the risk (financially) of having a full time employee, you do not treat them as an employees, you treat them as contractors (as Brad explains) Having the mental frame of knowing what are your strengths and leave the rest to others is key, Brad said once he is going to create a blueprint for product development and I am really waiting for it. Thanks

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