• I was expecting to disagree with the conversation when I read the title. I agree with Jake I don't know if this is automating. It seems like it's innovating and using the tools available to deliver faster more accurate results for your customers ;)

  • My only problem with this is that I wonder if it should be called something else because when I saw the word "automate", I cringed. But when I watched this video, I was pleasantly surprised. Great concept. It's automation, but it's still personal.

  • I did this. What I did was build a FAQ, which I send them to first and it reduces my customer support teams.

    So if its how to set up wordpress. I would to the step by step and then under put a FAQ on that topic.

    We have a rule that any question that gets asked twice should be looked at and added. Now it is rare that we add any questions, since they are all in the FAQ


  • Great concept. Thanks for sharing!! Love that we can now do video capture so easily. It's a great tool for teaching almost anything.

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