• Thanks Brad excellent video

  • Claude

    I agree with you, marketers should not underestimate the power of the Facebook Like Button. Your prediction are right on the money too. We need to watch out for Google's next move in the next years. Partnering with Facebook would be a powerful and smart move in my opinion.

    Your discussion with Link Popularity deserves a kudos too!

  • I am loving the fact that Google finally has some real competition ... you know that they are feeling it too, they have been trying so hard for the last couple of years to break into social media but they just keep failing at it over and over again.

    P.S. Have you seen the new "Like Spam" sites popping up yet? Example: likeportal dot com/index.php?id=1697

  • Ian

    I totally agree with you on the importance of the like button. When I first heard about it I jumped on getting it on my blog. I ended up finding a great wordpress plugin called simple facebook connect that integrates all the open graph facebook widgets with a wordpress blog.

    I also have a suggestion, change the position of your like button to below the post. Seeing it in the sidebar seemed wrong.

    fake-edit: I see what you did there! I was expecting a 'like this post' not a 'like this page' button. You should totally have a like this post button as well.

  • Brad you never seize to amaze me with your insights. Truly this Facebook idea is ingenious. You are a Social Media Expert

  • You raise a very valid point. It's one of those things that we'll have to wait and see... In contrast to FB beating out Google, I think it's important to bare in mind- FB is having a tendency to look a little spammy to people. For example, if you pull up your FB home page, you'll see dozens of event invitations, marketplace stuff, etc. I've heard many people share their "dislike" about this.

    This seems to be where Google has the slight edge. The way their site is designed, you don't get overwhelmed with all the social stuff that you do on FB.

  • Its funny that you mention this... Kevin Rose said the same thing on twit

  • None of my ideas are purely original LOL. I do follow Kevin Rose but I have also been predicting social search for a while.

    I think it's starting to take shape so more people talk about it.

  • I put the "Like" button on my blog a couple of weeks ago.

    I agree with you about, maybe not Facebook per se, but social media as a whole taking over the search landscape. I can only speak for myself but I trust the advice of my friends more than I trust the advertising of a company whose sole purpose is to sell me their product or service.

    There is data to suggest that I am not alone here. When we are happy with something, we tell people, when we are not happy, we tell people. In this day and age we have the ability to tell more people than ever in history.

    What social media offers is a more personal experience. Companies like Google will need to adapt if they want to keep up with Facebook.

  • I'm getting error too when loaded to my site!

    Are we supposed to put it on our main site, on every page, on our blog's every page or what/where?

    Am not even a half geek, so please help somebody!

  • I agree Brad...I've been predicting this for a while now...simply because once a person is inside the site, there's no way they would let you escape outside their net to go outside & look & never come back!
    No way...
    Spot on buddy!
    No wonder Google has a belly ache...
    They deserve it by the sound of the bully things that they have been doing to too many people of late.

  • Facebook created this so they could categorize each facebook user.

    They can't user your private data without causing a riot. But if you deliberately tell Facebook what you Like, they can share that info with advertisers and partners. Even if you "unlike" something, they can keep a record of what you were watching and took action on.

    It's all about Marketing, not really search engines. That's is why the
    "don't like" button does not exist.

  • I think your prediction may be very right on this. Google took the market by delivering better quality more relevant results. Facebook could have something here.

  • You nailed this one by mentioning the importance of Facebook's open-graph. Perhaps you even knew
    this before f8 was even done ;-) Yes, it's critical to do so NOW. They are gathering tons of data, and it's
    laser targeted behavioral data, especially when the open-graph is installed properly so that the "objects:
    can be tagged properly. It seems that the semantic web may be more important than typical SEO, maybe
    even very soon.

    When you look at that silly little "like" button, it just blows your mind to think, 'that stupid little button' is
    changing the world and .001% of the innocent people clicking away at it everyday and night haven't the
    slightest clue as to what it's actually doing "behind the curtain". Well, maybe I should take some clips
    from the film "Minority Report" with Tom cruise, put some funny text in it, and post to Facebook. I bet if
    I used the right movie clips, it's message would be quite clear... Would go viral I think. maybe,... well
    that is, only if the hard-core privacy rights crew don't kill it too soon. Or maybe a pissed off ad network
    or just a pissed marketer ;-)

  • Great video as always Brad. I am adding the like button to my site tomorrow thanks to your recommendation. Just makes so much sense!

  • Thanks, Good Tip Brad

  • Bob

    What I don't like about the Like button is that there is no Don't Like button. Having the number of people who like something doesn't really tell me how well liked something really is. How will your perception will change if 1000 people like your item and 100 do not like your item compared to 1000 people liking your item and 5000 not liking your item?

  • totally! as soon as I saw the "Like" button a few weeks ago I knew I had to have it. it's placed under the post so people can "Like" my posts... but it's kind of hard to see with the other bookmarking links..

    you have it in your sidebar so can people "like" your whole site?

  • Jay Kraft

    I agree that they could beat google as well. I have heard rumours though that "Zuck" & Co. are looking into charging users for their profiles. Not sure how true that is but that would potentially effect a fair chunk of users dropping off. I know facebook knows what kind of cult following/addiction they have and I don't blame them for increasing their net worth by monetizing their greatest asset.

  • I just added this to my site also, however it leaves a large space between the heading and the arterial. Do you know how to fix this?


  • Hi there, Brad...
    First of all: I don't use Google to search the web, thanks. There are plenty of more fast & complete options to searching...
    I can't help myself: you look lacking some rest in this video...

    Best regards,

  • Weird comment. If you don't use Google but you have better solutions can you please share?

  • Great post Brad! You know, people hate change. When I first read your subject line I was like, NO WAY. But after hearing what you had to say, it looks possible for sure. One thing though, people hate change. We shall see.

  • Love the vid.

    I am not as sure as you are about the Facebook search taking over Google.

    I assume Google will find a way to incorporate social media into their searches (just like they are doing with Twitter right now - especially on current event searches).

    I think you are right on the money about the facebook like button being important though. Because in either scenario (facebook passes Google, or Google incorporates social media into their search engine) the "likes" will still hold value.

    I do agree though that this way of searching (no matter the platform) is inevitable.

    Thanks for the like button instructions as well - I will add that when I change my site design this weekend.

  • Is there a wordpress plugin for this?

  • After looking into a plugin, there are several options, however putting the script in a PHP text box seem to work best.

  • ian

    I use simple facebook connect. It gives you options to use all of facebook's open graph integrations.

  • Why when I click "Like Button" on your page it comes up with ERROR msg from FB?

  • Strange as it works for others. Are you currently logged in to facebook in tis browser?

  • I think you're right on track. There's nothing like word of mouth marketing. Twitter has an interesting advantage over Google too, with the real-time ability to track the constant change in topics and interests.

    I took your advice and posted a Like button on my blog and had 6 Likes with 10 mins.


  • Hi Brad,

    Thanks for this insightful video. i agree 100% and you were right when using the roofers example. People are able to see what their friends like instantly. Im definitely adding this code right now.

    Thanks again,

    P.S. Hi Brad. Any idea how to make it that it doesn't give me an error when I go
    to other pages on my blog and try to like them? I used a widget to install it on my blog.
    Using my domain alone to create the code. Its in the anchor text here
    Net Success

  • Google has the feature already with the toolbar. Of course it's not as refined and classy as what Facebook does.

  • Thanks Brad, I got a million things to do and this is a small, but effective idea.

    I a couple years ago on Facebook, set groups by keywords people search for. I totally agree people are and will search on Facebook for what they are looking for.


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