• John

    Space cake mix FTW!

    Cool designs, specially liked Mari & Juana. Well played!

  • Debbie

    Mari & Juana...this chick would buy them...

  • Kevin Riley

    I think the tobacco companies could take lessons in package design from you. Myself, I've never understood why marijuana is illegal but alcohol is legal. In my experience, I've never seen someone get violently drunk on marijuana.

  • "Puff is just the name of the boy's magical dragon...You a pothead, Focker?" :)

  • Question is can it be taxed like booze to make the government a lot of money? Just sayin..

  • Steve

    They keep printing money so they are going to have to get paid somehow... Good idea.

  • marklyford

    lol. thats so funny.. I wish it were a reality ! .... :)

  • I like the Jamaican Blend...packaging that is...just the packaging...I swear!

  • What is this "marijuana" you speak of?

    These boxes look very interesting though. Although I would never recommend eating cookies at midnight, very hard on the stomach and it can rot your teeth.

  • LOL

  • Thanks DAD :)

  • These packages look better than some alcohol packages too! My fave is the one... you know for chicks!

    Very interesting post Brad!

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