• Haydee Atlas

    Wow! Thanks for clearing this up, Brad! I am one of those people before which misuse the term saturated market. Now I know that using it loosely to describe a competitive market is incorrect, I have been schooled!

    Thanks for the video as well, I prefer visual presentations more so a easily understood the topic! Keep it up!

  • Very good point. I'd never thought about the actual meaning of the term "saturated" like this before. The refrigerator example is an excellent illustration!

    I suspect that hardly anything online can really be described as saturated. The internet is still too young and the influx of daily new users in every online market is still too huge to talk about saturation.

  • Loved the vid Brad...this is a great point and something I have struggled with myself. I think one night out you mentioned to me that a competitive market means there is a lot of money to be made. Makes sense!

  • Great insight as always Brad. Its funny how a market that has been declared "saturated" by some people is a gold mine for others. I think you nailed it in this video. Awesome content. Keep it comin!

  • Too true. When I entered the MMO market, everyone was saying how competitive it was - how saturated it was with products and "gurus". However, I knew I could do better - be different. So, I waded in and carved out a segment for myself. As Martin said, you just have to be innovative. Don't just follow what the others are doing.

  • Your title made me have to watch this video.

    Lack of buyers is a problem, competition is never a bad thing, just learn how to run a better business.


  • Martin Hurford

    Interesting point Brad.

    Even though the likes of Facebook and Firefox entered competitive markets they did so with innovation which gave them a leg up on the incumbents. If you can't differentiate yourself from the big names then you will be practically guaranteeing failure to gain market share.

    Just my opinion.

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