• Booe07

    Hi! I've been a construction worker fom 1975, from trade school right through to supervision and project management. I don't seem to get to grips with using all that knowledge and transferring it to internet marketing. To go from a "tangible" world to a "virtual world" I want only to work from home at the moment owing to being a single parent father of 3 under 9 yrs. Any chance of leading me to a good tutorial on transiton please. Thanks Steve Boocock Halifax UK

  • longterm_trends_and_IM

    After failing at IM stuff for a year or so I am starting to realize the value of real work over the latest traffic gen fad. Seriously, watching this video makes me realize how much time I waste on short term, one shot traffic gen stuff.

  • Chris Yui

    Unlearning habits, specially the bad ones is really not an easy task. Because we are dealing with years of routine and familiarity. And like what your 'ham" story goes, sometimes we just don't feel the need to question somethings that we have grown used to.

    One thing I want to unlearn is my constant procrastination! I end up cramming activities in a hectic day because I was slacking off the day before.

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