• Was searching for an Aduki bean how to cook recipe and other vege recipes....(got motivated to go 'vege' after seeing how great Paul McCartney looks a few days ago when he was on David Letterman)- I know it's not the same as vegan but it's a start! and remembered your wife, Claire had a Vegan blog with super great video and recipes...

    So went first to your blog to find this great post - I'm off to order her book now...at http://www.areyousurethatsv... and will order the next book too when / if Claire creates it (I'd love to see main course recipes!!!) :)

    You asked any comments on how to promote...one of my clients we helped boost significant sales of her book on Amazon (she fired her $15,000 PR agency after seeing the results our firm produced for her)...we mainly used a social media campaign for her...(stuff I know you rock at Brad! :) ) - by creating a community of like-minded individuals around her facebook business page, twitter id, blog and youtube videos - we created a 91 day challenge and 'contest' individuals could sign up for on an opt-in on her facebook page and blog, gave away a free chapter with 'hooks' in it to go buy the book...and added a weekly blog talk radio show where she could interact with her community....

    Hope that helps! :)

    Another thought since it is what influenced me to go searching this weekend for vegetarian recipes - is fedex over a copy of the book to Paul McCartney, and you could see if there are any searches on 'paul mccartney diet' or something like that - (seo optimize a blog around celebrity names + diet or something) and I say that because that is exactly what I, a prospect turned customer, entered into Google! :)

    Thanks Brad!

  • WOW Maria thanks for all the insights AND for ordering Claire's book.

    We have a facebook page and we ran a contest to upload photos of the recipes people made. It worked!

    I am also working with PETA to get the book in celebrity supporters hands as we speak ;)

    Oh and FYI you and your husband are welcome to come for dinner any time!

  • Great video! I'm also Vegan and I love seeing new vegan cookbooks. Not sure where you live but Portland is a vegan heaven. Theres a vegan conference there in September(18 & 19) "Portland VegFest". I'm from Canada but I make the 6hr drive for Vegfest and LetLive. Vegfest would be a great place to promote a vegan cookbook.

  • Portland Vegfest sounds A-MAZING!

  • Will

    Great work, Brad! I am going to get the book for her birthday. I'm sure she's going to love all the recipes. Congratulations to your wife too!

    Good points on your video highlights, knowing your niche first is a MUST! Thanks for sharing this!

  • Great Stuff Brad.

    btw love your highlights from the video. AWESOME stuff.

    Good Luck to you guys with it :)

  • It has been awesome to watch Brad and Claire evolve this book. Claire has been on fire! Seeing her on Twitter was the real kicker. I knew it was going to do really well when I saw her make that step.

    This book is going to be very successful for a few reasons:
    1. I have tried many of the recipes and they are absolutely amazing. People will love the food
    2. The photos are freakin awesome!
    3. They are both extremely passionate about being vegan and showing that you can still eat great tasting food!
    4. Brad is one of the best marketers I have ever seen and he will get this book into the hands of major influencers.

    Great job Claire and Brad. I can't wait to see this book take off!

  • Okay, I thought you were all caught up in the world cup action. Really like the 400% ROI with FB. Good on ya.

  • Ray

    I've been trying to get my wife to write her niche related cookbook for a while now. I'm hoping once I direct her to you she will become inspired to write it. My wife gets vast compliments anytime people taste her food and her cooking style is unique. I have a lot of plans for her once she writes the cookbook. I just need her to get on her job already. lol

  • Awesome video Brad, and congratulations to you and your wife for her new book. I'm trying to stay away from the desserts, :) but I will make sure I pass the message along. Any plans for a dinner book?

  • John

    Good traffic volume on FB, tight and targeted niche, can't go wrong...

  • Addykho

    Great Video shot Brad. You really inspire me to get my wife to come out with her own cook book...lol

  • ok, so book promotion. Do a Twitter search on "cookbook", "vegan", etc. This will yield people who are looking for your book. Engage them in a way that doesn't make them feel like they're being spammed and instead makes them feel like you're helping them find what they're looking for. Include an Amazon link to the book and this will result in sales. I did this for a while using "new book" as my search and made decent referral dollars just recommending books to people who were in the market for one. An example: "I can't wait for the new Twilight book to come out!" I would respond with "You should pre-order it!" and gave a link. I believe I got at least 20 pre-orders of that specific book using this method. And most of the people to whom I shared the link thanked me for doing so. Anyway, so there's my 2 and 1/2 cents. :-) Good luck and congrats on her book!

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