• great words brad !
    i strongly advise everyone to start greating your first product now if you haven't done it already

  • Well said I like to hire freelancers and outsource all the tedious work I can it gets repetitious sometimes. Concentrate more on ways that actually make you money and outsource linkbuilding, accept guest posts, article writing etc... when you can!

  • Well Said Brad!

  • Alex

    Hmmm WooThemes is doing well, now I don't feel bad about cancelling my membership :)

  • Vicky Nelson

    Thanks for this Brad. Awesome video, I think my friend should have a chat with you soon! I'll have your website emailed to him right now. He could use some coaching lessons to jumpstart his freelance gig. Thanks a lot for the video again, the information was easily understood.

  • Mark Lyford

    Good video mate, great point , people should develop as many products as they can . :)

  • Chris Eh Young

    I was lucky enough to talk to Brad for free and it was easily worth the price he's charging. I don't think one conversation was enough though. I am the kind of guy that has a million great ideas and doesn't follow through with them. With some constant coaching and accountability that could change.

    I need to get on this. I'm actually sitting at my work computer white boarding a project.

    Thanks again man.

  • Great video Brad. I know you and I have discussed this off camera a number of times and it is amazing to me the number of people out there sitting on amazing knowledge but it never occurs to them that they should "productize". If you fall into the category of people Brad is talking to here, take this deal now. You will not regret it

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