• Interesting story. Sounds like they didn't really hold the promoter's feet to the fire if they actually found "browns". And actually, it sounds like if somebody would have screwed up overlooking some details, it would have been the promoter's lawyers. :-)

    Along those lines, David Lee Roth was WAY better for Van Halen than Sammy.

  • Interesting story, Brad, thanks for the sharing
    Greetings from Down Under

  • John business coach

    On one hand you have attention to detail, on the other don't sweat the small details...people may doubt what you say, but they believe what you do!

  • marklyford

    Great story mate :)

  • I had never heard of this story. Really cool. Thanks for sharing as always Brad :)

  • That's cool...I too Love VanHalen and grew up in the 80's (when music was at it's best in my opinion!) Great little idea in that story for attention to details.

    Smart man that David Lee Roth...smart and successful man... :)

  • Great point, Brad.

    Using something like that small insignificant detail in the contract that is a FLAG that the people you are dealing with . . . if they miss this detail . . . will very likely miss many more details, and many of the more important details.

  • This is particularly important when dealing with new outsourcers. If you are looking for a response from new outsourcers, or even staff, then bury something in the contract. Make them start their response with "white rabbits" or whatever your catchphrase is. Cleans out 2/3rds of respondents off the top. My dad would do that, and it's freaking clever...

  • Love this story and doing this with outsourcers is right on. It's a brilliant application.


  • I do this with every new outsource hire. It makes sure they are not skimming and actually reading. I tell them to write back a email with the title "Ready To Get Start" or something like that. I always put it as a last line in a longer paragraph to see if they are paying attention.

  • HA!!! Awesome man. I know you have 1000 of these kind of stories cuz I've heard a lot of them. I think you need to share every single one of them on this blog because they will help all of us who learn from you. Way to go. This was great.

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