• Richardbutler Lifecoach

    come on Brad tell the truth about this :)

  • Lol funny post why are all metrosexuals labeled as gay? Lol .... Facebook and Google know way too much about us!

  • Goobernutz

    I think it's because of your George Michaels designer stubble. It never goes away, but it never really grows in.

    How on earth how Facebook figured it out, I have no idea. But they are a pretty clever bunch. Maybe they have some kind of gaydar algorithm that runs on the profile photos.

  • Alex Barboza

    What a funny thing!!! Never happened to me. Brad: some friend told me that I shuld join your list because you always send very good stuff to your subscribers but I can't see any optin form here. Where is it?

  • Alex Thanks :)

    Under the free stuff heading on the right. Anything you download from me will put you on my list :)


  • m1chelle

    Hmm. Facebook knows I'm vegan and shows me adds for Angus Beef.

  • Hey Brad,

    That is totally hilarious.

    Try not typing R i c k y M a r t i n , too much see if that helps.


  • Simply an observation...but the Gay cruise ad appears right next to your Black Eyed Peas concert status. Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm

  • Poopypants

    sorry yoga is gay

  • it must be the yoga :)

  • I think it has to do with your friends. Try deleting Hurson and you may see the ads disappear.

  • Here I was thinking it was YOU Ricky Martin ;)

  • marklyford

    LOL thats the funniest thing ever ...

  • facebook needs google's adwords algorithm LOL

  • LMAO!!!!!

  • Curious, does Clare know what your curiosity are, I hope that does mean experimenting with Facebook Ads?

  • I get the same thing. Or I did in April. Maybe it's passed onto you sir.

  • Hehe.

  • Alas, we have found a problem with this system of advertisement creations on FB - since anybody can make an add and provide their own idea of target information, then anybody can market anything to anybody else. Perhaps I shall take out FB should add one more thing to their 40billion point to-do list and manage ads a little more effectively.

    Thanks Brad for always making me smile and continued good content!

  • Is your "adult" past coming coming to haunt you?

  • HILARIOUS.... freaking HILARIOUS!

  • HA! Wow that is insane...

  • LMAO.... that is all.

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