Have you dealt with a seminar speaker who made you angry? Plenty of “public speakers” out there are amazing at what they do. They inspire, motivate and educate you. But a few douchebags ruin it for those of us who try to deliver value.sports74.ru

If you are a speaker take notice. Don’t treat your audience like a room full of wallets. Stop making us stand up, scream shit out loud or say YES 20 times before you try to get them to sign up to your “better” seminar.Dekor okno

People are not stupid, your audience is not a heard of cattle. Stop treating them like hypnotized monkeys.


  • Brad, I've been to events like this and choose them more carefully now. Great vid. You show the wound that is still fresh. That being said, I don't think "pitchman" is an appropriate term for this guy. What this guy does is deceptive, manipulative, and downright uncool. Pitchmanship, on the other hand, can be professional.

  • That Son of a Pitch!

  • Just wondering out of interest...

    Were you annoyed of the fact he did nothing but try and forcefully


    That he was speaking to sell in the first place?

  • Yes?

    LOL I was annoyed at the way he sold and that he was only selling. I am not opposed to selling, but selling from stage while not delivering value is another story.

  • way to go, Brad! I love your honesty :)
    I have been to a few of those kinds of seminars. If I feel I'm being strong-armed to buy something, I simply walk out.

  • Hey Brad, I love your no nonsence style, you tell how it is whether people like it or not. I must admit I have been hustled by similar speakers too and also have been stupid enough to have been suckered in.
    As for treating people differently that have money that is absolute crap and an insult to any ones intelligence.
    I agree with your thoughts professional speakers must add value otherwise there's no point.
    Great video!

  • Soylent Green Boomer

    You really should name names

  • Hey Brad, you are totally right. Unfortunately, I was one of those stupid people who got sold into his seminar. However, I did cancel my application the day after so hopefully my credit card won't get charged. I really want to thank you for sharing your wisdom and advice with me. You're awesome!

  • marklyford

    good video buddy... remind me never to have you listening to one of my talks ;)

  • Bob

    Brad, how was the falafel? OK seriously, I used to attend these types of seminars and eventually learned which ones were the douche bags seminars and which ones offered true value. I always hated myself when I attended the douche bag ones because I should have known better. You might want to think about changing your motto to "Brad Gosse-Douche Bag Buster".

  • Dhyan

    Thanks Brad! What this Planet needs is more Authentic Truth, and another way of saying that is Cutting Through The Bullshit. I honor you for Speaking Your Truth.
    @Mukul: Actually there is Yogic-Training that within 9 seconds your Intuition is able to tell you whatever it is you need to know ie: whether someone is telling the truth or is full of $%!t. I do agree with you that some people needed to be there, because wherever they are at in their own personal evolution is perhaps something this speaker can address. So what if he flew in on a jetplane oh baby, if he's out of integrity what does any of it matter.
    Impeccability - Intention - Integrity
    I think that was Brad's point, at least part of it.
    Thanks Again Brad for Being Real!!!

  • Thanks Brad, great as always. I have no idea what type of seminar you were at, or who you saw speak. That is irrelevant. I have been to probably over 150 different types of seminars in the last 16 years. Some have been great, and others, like you describe. Some of the best words of wisdom have come from speakers too. We all have our favorites. One thing that separates the good, or great from the bad, is a feeling off genuineness that is conveyed from stage. The most successful people convey the message that they give a shit. Not about what they do, but about the people they deal with. It is impossible to get to the top stepping on everyone and treating people like a pawn or a means to an end. Unless the foundation is strong, eventually something will give and the guy who used people will come crashing down. It is one of those unwritten rules of nature.
    Regardless, you are one of those people that gives a shit. Not about you, but about the people you work with. This always stuck with me...Be careful who you follow in life...you want to keep about 4 feet behind them so you can see ahead of them, and who they are following.

  • Brad, I gotta say on this one I am not sure if I agree with you.

    I dont think from one night you can get a impression if the persons real or a dirt seller.

    I heard the exact opposite about last nights event you refer too. I am not one to judge on this as I dont know the person personally. From what i heard at lunch today as I like to know peoples character that this person involved in a lot of deals, real estate and venture capitalism. The private jet thing being true. Again, I dont know this person personally.

    I think each person has to make there own judgement. The one time I did drop $3,000 on a course, I went and volunteered for the free intro course to let me know more of character.

    Second, if someone is doing free courses every week, how much time are they teaching what they do. John Reese does one launch a year and spends time doing practicing it. Another may be only teaching and little time on doing what they train on.

    Third, If you can avoid it, I suggest you dont buy day of, all these courses will be there 2 months or 6 months later, your heavily invested money may not.


  • The venture capitalist bit is designed to make people think he is capable of investing in "their" idea. Making them want to come to the seminar more.

    Trust me dude this was PURE snake oil.

  • I am not taking sides on this.

    I do have a friend who did attend his big event in Chicago (got a free invite since it was 2 for 1) and is getting coached. So I will check up in a few months...


  • dougwo

    Hint #1, put on a decent shirt before making a video. :)

  • Pat Flanagan

    ...because that will magically change the information and make it so much more valuable?

  • marklyford

    wtf is that for a response ? lol

  • Seriously? Is that your only feedback?

  • I kind of wish you had named names. I was really into checking out all of these classic 'self-help' books when I was first getting started in my career, and I started to get to know about a lot of the people currently on the scene. I even got to meet several who are local. And there was this very ugly underside of the 'self-help' world, or people who perpetuate 'the secret', where each item they sell you is a sales pitch for the next sales pitch, which is a sales pitch for the next sales pitch. And it's all about the promise that you too can hypnotize people into your own stream of bullshit.

    BTW, I know about spin and about turning shit into shinola. "I fly in private jets" probably means "I have been on a private jet once".

  • Great response Sean

    I hate that blind leading the blind with nothing to show at the end but some travel and entertainment.

    I want to quote you in my book if that's okay.

  • For sure

  • Thanks again for the Falafel last night. It was the best part of the evening lol. As you reminded me of the strong arming scenario at the end of the night, I remembered the exact setup. They had tables blocking the very back of the room to force you to walk right past the guy while he was surrounded by people asking questions. I had to basically cut through his conversation group to leave. Luckily I wasn't carrying the form because I had already thrown it in the garbage or else he would have said something to me as well.

    Great talk here Brad. This is one of your better posts. Its funny when you get angry lol

  • LOL

    Great video. Dude I love this. I am really really not good at events like these - and I am not sure how I would have reacted to this guy. If I was in a bad mood when I came into the room, and had to deal with this guy....it probably would have been embarrassing for one of us.

    Love the video, and I know it isn't your style to name names, so I won't ask. :)

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