Thanks to Andrew Skelly and all the other speakers and organizers for the Toronto Action Summit. This is my first keynote speech. I would love to know your thoughts. The camera work was not the best but you get the idea. I also had the Q&A removed because you can’t hear the questions.ir-leasing.ru

My First Keynote Speech from Brad Gosse on Vimeo.

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  • Great video Brad, actually amazing video from someone who did a first keynote, you definitely come across as a natural and someone who has done this before!

  • Thanks man, not my first talk (I think it was my 3rd) just my first keynote. I have verbal diarrhea so speaking comes naturally :)

  • rushi

    reallr a great speech

  • Great Stuff Brad!

  • Awesome speech!! Loved it..

  • Great speech man. Makes me want to get more productive.

    What will I do Monday?

  • Jay Kraft

    Great work..for an IM douche. lol! I especially liked the impression of "tiny classified". When's the next keynote?

  • It was a pleasure listening to you there! Go porn! Haha jk!

  • Sue

    Loved it Brad! Thanks for posting this.

  • Brad, You're a very dynamic speaker. I loved hearing your story again. Just like Justin, you sucked me into your story again just like the first time.

  • Awesome job. Killed it.

    I found myself watching with as much interest this time as I did at the live event. Great talk and great structure.

  • Check out my sweaty armpits. GROSS!

  • cyoke

    Those sweaty armpits just added to the "realness" of your talk. Awesome presentation! Thanks for posting it, I was pretty upset that I wasn't going to be able to make it. And now it's bitter sweet - I know I missed something great, but at least I got to see it online. Well done. Looking forward to the next one.

  • Sue

    LOL! I thought it was just a part of the cool, vegan thing ;)

  • I think it is more gosse!!!

    Congrads on doing the keynote


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