• Darleen

    Hi I am interested if still required - Darleen mail@darleen.com

  • Rudy Vasquez

    Hey Brad If the offer is still going I would love to be part of the Beta testing. Rudyovasquez@gmail.com

  • Jmeier

    How is this going Brad, I am interested. Jim Meier jmeier@rochester.rr.com

  • Amylburford

    Ok Andrew's comment sold me ;) I'll try it amylburford at gmail dot com.

  • It this like the business and Penis-free version of ChatRoutlette? If so I'll gladly beta test for you.
    Michael Nus

  • Hey Brad just opted in to this great opportunity, sounds better than any other cover boss! :)

  • PaulT

    Looking forward to checking it out Brad. If anyone can create a social site like this, it would be you!

  • Brad gave me a sneak peak of this yesterday and without giving too much away...all I can say is WOW! I can't wait for the launch next week. This is exactly what online networking has been waiting for.

  • Stevedebo


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