• Great advice.

  • Celeste

    Maybe you mean "buffoon."

  • angelawills

    Sick how people can get with a little power. This lady was probably just trying to ya know, pay her bills, feed her family to put up with that kind of crap. I would like to believe I'd do the same thing you did - I know for sure I'd be disgusted and not be working with that guy. Unfortunately the lady he was calling a 'bafoon' probably doesn't feel she has that ability to just walk out and leave. Makes me sad that she works for such a jerk!

  • Chris

    I've just spent about 11 years out of the last 18 working for my father, who was a bully both inside and outside of the work place and would frequently revel in humiliating me with intimidating, demonstrative, and quite frankly abusive behavior towards me in front of other employees, and guests in the offices. Thankfully myself and my mother are now estranged from him.

    Kudos to you Brad, and as my namesake, Chris, below me says, it shows you are a man of integrity, something the world needs a whole lot more of.

  • This further shows how much integrity and class you have as a Business Professional, Coach and a human being! No one deserves to be publicly humiliated like that, all people need to be treated with respect. You did the right thing!

  • Spot on, Brad.

    My policy when dealing with clients is simple: I don't accept rude / crude language or personal off the cuff remarks (however I'm always open to constructive criticism). When your client is rude, it's not a comfortable environment to work in, and makes it difficult to get the best result for your client.

  • I like your style, you are genuine and dont put up with shit from anyone. All people deserve to be treated with respect and if we struggle with this then we should let them go nicely and find some one else to work with. There really is no excuse for bad manners. Well done for voicing your thoughts.

  • Vasile

    Totally agree Brad and my response would be the same.
    One good question to a guy like this is: "Do you enjoy to hire and than be the boss of idiots, buffoons and irrational people?" ...many other Q's can be asked, but in the end, nothing will probably change a person like this into a respectful and descent human being... perhaps only a devastating experience and maybe not even that. It's probably true that what one projects outside of oneself is in actuality one's inner self.

  • I'm now getting to see the video as I couldn't see it on my phone. I agree with you even more. Not only does his behaviour toward his staff stink, but it could be an insight how he might treat his vendor i.e. your student. I also think it taught your student a good lesson. You're a good dude

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