• I hope you don't quit skype next... :)

  • LOL....good move man. I am becoming an addict to it.

    I will email with my comments )


  • hmmm...but I imagine you probably want all of on your list to still read YOUR emails, right, Brad? While I can certainly understand your reasoning - suppose everyone on your list took the same approach and stopped reading THEIR emails....which would mean that I would no longer see all of the cool stuff you want to sell me??

    So, while I can certainly understand what you are doing and why - maybe it's not such a great idea to announce it to the same people that you want to read all of the emails that you send out? You know, those of us who actually buy your stuff and don't ask for free help in return??

    Just a thought....


  • Brad Gosse


    Everything that comes back from customers gets sent to me. Megan is simply a filter for negativity and people seeking free consults :)

    I would never ignore a message from someone like you!

  • LOL - great answer, Brad!!!

  • Blair

    Smart move

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