• Sally

    I prefer SEOClerks.com over Fiverr for SEO and website related services. I bought few gigs from SC and so far the best results.

  • The importance of using key words for online marketing has been talked about a lot and it holds true on YouTube as well. The keywords used for your video have to be relevant to the content of the video and must match its description and category. A mismatch in the category and the keywords makes it difficult for your videos to rank higher, leaving you with few or no subscribers.

  • YouTube and find other video clips that are around your subject and create video clips clip response. If the person that published the original movie grants your movie as a reaction then this can significantly increase your viewership. If they don't accept your movie reaction the next best thing to do is to create your publish name as close to their publish name.

  • Timbo

    Brad I do this but use a bot. And yes you get lots of channel views. I got 400 the first week just playin.

  • Hey Brad
    Looks as though I am way to slow to claim the prize but its a great idea to create interest and an incredible way to get a short clip made. Here is the link to a comentary I had made on Volcano in Vanautu its worth a look.
    Hope you pick it up from the link below. Cheers SranY


  • Another Tips: If you feel blanks what kind of service to put on Fivver.com just check out on the right side of the home page and scroll down you'll see "Request Gigs". You'll see a lot of requests what people wants for $5 good luck.

  • yusufchowdhury

    Thanks Brad. I just starting using it few weeks ago. Great sites indeed.

  • Hi Brad,

    I'm mostly replying here because I'm guessing you're seeing this faster than an e-mail. Thank you for the offer. Please PayPal the $10 to me at dan@AdvancedMasterKey.com.


  • Very wise of you my friend :) Paypal sent feel free to edit out your email!

  • Thanks Brad! As long as the e-mail is not clickable, I'm good :)

  • Hey Brad;
    Great idea. I have paid considerably more for videos so fiverr is a great place. I have bookmarked a few people on fiverr who do them but have not got one made yet. You're such a hustler.

  • Nobleroberson
  • Dan Klatt beat you by a few mins man :)

  • Timbo

    How much traction do get in terms of views?

  • It's not something I track. i try to make my youtube channels popular so this helps improve internal link pop within youtube AND sends traffic to my channel :)

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