• Trudy

    AWESOME response Brad. Nothing like telling people to "fuck them" to show the class act you are that Maria was referring to.

  • I think that was an attempt at sarcasm by yet another anonymous poster. It's always the anonymous people who criticize because they are afraid to put their names to anything.

  • Alex B


    In the end, if the product works and helps people, this is fine. The internet is a big place and there is a lot out there in terms of bad, good, and ugly. Perhaps Donald may be angry, may have an axe to grind, or simply may be someone with a hidden agenda to make you look bad.

    Brad is a stand up guy. Recently engaged him and all I can say is that the value and patience to get me to move forward has been sincere and helpful. I've been suckered as a high-value target by others who do much less.

    And Donald - no one is asking you to buy anything. Some people fall and do bad but then they make good. I don't know much more about the person behind the product but do value Brad's emphasis on the product because he's proven himself in other areas.

    At this point, this product isn't well-timed for my needs. And shocker -- Brad even advised against that. Now does that sound like a greedy little, money-grubing, S.O.B. I have been on some lists where I have been PELTED like an ice storm with affiliate offers - disgusting.

    The good thing is that "this comment thread" is great news for google juice and seo and if we want to tango, we simply get to help Brad Gosse with more JUICE. Good or bad, comments are fan-tastic.

    Alex / Toronto

    Besides - Maria is attractive. :p

  • Donald, watch the Internet Marketing Douche Bag video again....

    Never goto a Walmart, McDonalds or any major cities. Haters is a sign of success, so congrads if you got haters (maybe I need some).

    If you do not like Brad or Maria, then go elsewhere, no hard feelings. Best of luck to you Anonymous Donald with your success (may miss out on some good quality stuff, but thats your call).

    (that is my real name and real picture)

  • Mariaandros

    Donald, Brad is a class act :) I understand and respect the way you feel. The internet is not regulated unfortunately and it is your due diligence. I wish you much success and just wanted to stop by to show my respect for what Brad represents. Don't worry I am a big girl and can take care of myself. Donald wishing you much happiness and success. Maria Andros

  • Donald

    With all due respect, I thought that you wanted to distance yourself from these types of affiliated products after your "internet marketing" blog post. If you google her name you will see some unflattering comments about her including the Salty Droid blog. Also, I believe that most products that has those "internet marketing" buzz words such as "secrets", "millionaire" and "formula" belong in douche bag category.

    Maybe she is a great person and some of the comments are unwarrented but at the end of the day, people can easily google stuff this stuff for free.

    It's only my opinion but the fact that you are speaking at such reputable causes such as Wordcamp and local schools, and with your recent blog post about douche bags, I was under the impression that you wanted to be taken more seriously as a business person.

  • Donald,

    I can appreciate where you are coming from. Hopefully you can appreciate my position.

    If you google my name and look hard enough you will find Brad haters too. I judge people based on their content and actions, not on the comments left by anonymous trolls on blogs, youtube and forums. ;)

    Maria clearly doesn't fall into the douchebag category in my book, but you have to judge that for yourself. If you smell vinegar, run.

    The reality is this. I am a video blogger. I will probably promote some products designed for people like me. Yes I do so as an affiliate and have made that more than transparent.

    With all due respect, if any of that makes some people take me less seriously as a business person, fuck them.

  • Awesome response Brad. Anonymous commenters like Donald with suspect Disqus profiles can wreak havoc with very little effort. Congratulations for hooking up with Maria and generating revenue for your company. I think most business people would appreciate what you are doing here. Especially since I know you have passed on plenty of truly "douchey" affiliate opportunities in the name of maintaining your credibility

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