• great tip. it also has feature to embed adsense.

  • Great idea I had no idea that I could do this from Feed burner at zero cost there really is no excuse not to get the message out. Thanks for the valuable tip.

  • This is an awesome tip that many people are not using. Great that you are shedding some light on it!

    Also, this video format is amazing. I love the switch from live person to live screen cam. Hardly anyone has done this but now I am inspired to do something similar. Great work as always!

  • Vasist

    Excellent. Thanks for this valuable information Brad.

  • Good content Brad...wonder if I can hook this up to Aweber.

    Good new format to throw in the mix. Great for these type of education step by step video's.

    Use the Hustler cap for rants :)


  • Admin

    Thank you, Brad, great advice.

  • Karl

    Cool and useful stuff as usual. Thanks so much and keep up the great work.

  • ElanaBoth

    Hi Brad- as always you give and give really great tips and useful resources- thanks

  • Angie

    Very interesting information Brad....I'm definately going to use it.

  • Marian

    RSS is a powerful technology and when you have WordPress blog - come cool things can happen :)

  • David

    Really cool post Brad. Very useful and simple way to build up a mailing list.

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