• Heru Prasetyono

    How awesome posting. This is what I have been searching for and finally I find it. This is very useful for me.

    Thank you very much for sharing.

  • Atul thanvi

    Thanks for sharing. Its good to see fresh content always.
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  • Seo Melbourne

    Great post and tips...! Nice features! Thanks for giving out your creative mind’s eye!
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  • Victor

    Great tip Brad, Thanks a lot. I am implementing it right aawy in one of my blogs. Thanks again

  • A great bit of info Brad. Something I have not been doing. Start adding all these snippets together and you end up with some pretty powerful marketing tools.

  • I like the new "anchorman" approach to your blog posts. Is this the new you?

  • Minus the scotch and velvet suit ;)

    Yes this is my new flavor. Not going to stop the renegade rants but I want to spend more time teaching all the shit floating around in my head.

  • ElanaBoth

    Hi Brad, yet another really useful post. And yes still alive and kicking

  • Thanks Elaine! You rock!

  • Some great tips, Brad. I already see Google Alerts coming back (sometimes in 10 mins or so) showing that I get terrific indexing from my WordPress blog. Now I'll go double check my feedburner account to be sure I'm also doing what you suggest.


    Charlie Seymour Jr

  • Gfox

    Thanks for your great tips Brad! Will get on it right away! All the best!

  • Nice tip!

  • Great tip Brad! It's always great to learn new techniques to show up blog posts on Google more faster!
    See you,
    Alessandro Zamboni

  • Alessandro glad to see you still around :)

  • Meni Troupakis

    Thanks bro!

  • Also, simply use your Google XML Sitemaps Wordpress plugin, get your Sitemap XML registered with Google Webmasters, Voila!! Google bots come to sniff out your blog on your site. The more XML sitemaps you post, the more activity, the faster your domain grows. Neat huh?

  • For a new blog or one with little authority, sitemaps is often not enough. It works for me however :)

  • Agreed but it gets you noticed by Google to start ranking very quickly.

    XML sitemaps are key to instructing Google and other search engines the page structure of your site, how often page content is updated, and when new content is added to the site.

    The guy is co-creator of Live365.com so there is some cred there.

  • Good tip that many people are not aware of. Great video quality too. Keep this up...its awesome

  • Thanks man, we are both getting more ninja like with our videos.

    Next series will show how we do some of the video shits.

  • Hey Brad... thanks for the tip. I try to automate everything I do... this is great advice!

  • Good tip man. I just went to my Feedburner page and set mine up. Thanks.

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