• Hi Brad,

    I'm so glad I stumbled upon this post! As I have been searching for an easy quick solution to managing all my affiliate links especially those never ending expiring affiliate cpa links... ;-)

    The only methods I had found prior were either to use htaccess, bitly urls, or link cloaker plugins... but for different reasons I never found any of these methods as an all-in-one solution.

    I do have a few questions about using this approach and would really appreciate your feedback... thanks in advance Rob

    1. I definitely see the benefit to this, but am wondering if you have come across to any drawbacks to using this method... (i.e. user experiencing slower access time due to having a large list of affiliate links not on the same domain, hosting provider, or IP as the linked content)?

    2. If I understand correctly I can edit these links and they will continue to work for any content medium regardless if they are posted on a completely different hosting provider, IP...etc... correct?

    PS, I also signed up to your list ... for I too would like to more about the technique you are using to shoot your videos, as I have also been seeking a solution to this as well. :-)

  • Marc Ross

    Brad - I noticed you are using your domain floopis.com for this.... any reason why? I.e. why not use bradgosse.com or yourbrainmedia.com? It would seem all these links and traffic to the floopis site have intrinsic value that would be better for one of your established sites...

  • Marc I chose it because it was short and I wasn't using it for anything else. I am planning to change to a 3 letter domain shortly :)

  • This rocks, period! Thanks for the tip Brad. I love mine. You'll see billrice.cc floating around the Internet.

  • This script is awesome! After watching your video I installed it. Before, I was using a shortener called Lessn. It had limited options, and could only track links if Mint tracking (a seperste self-hosted tracking script) was installed as well. The tracking capabilities were very limited as well. Yourls is super easy and has everything you need and more.

  • Slictgtec

    Hey Brad,
    actually,these are helpful to create link.Thanks Brad.

    see you again,

  • Hey Brad,

    This does work very well...I use pretty links do this, any benefit to this shortner you suggest?


  • Nah I think they are all pretty much the same. I just picked this cause it was easy to find and install while giving me the metrics and flexibility I want :)

  • Thanks!!!!

  • Hi Brad, I appreciated so much to discover how to have my personal Url Shortener.
    Now I'm even more cool (well, my links are more cool) :)

    See you,
    Alessandro Zamboni

  • Why does the animation of you at the top of the site only have four fingers? Do you only have four fingers in real life? Does that hurt?

  • I couldn't afford the artist that drew five finger cartoons. ;)

  • ElanaBoth

    Thanks Brad, so simple and yet so powerful and useful

  • Brad,

    I'm confused.

    Link shortening is a must, just as I have here: http://bit.ly/DrMarcNCharli... But why do you feel the one you've found is better than, say, bit.ly?

    Seems to me I can do all you suggest right within bit.ly AND I can create custom-looking links as I did with the link above.

    Truly link shortening is important - just confused over why you feel the way you explained in your video is better than bit.ly.

    Charlie Seymour Jr

  • Fadi

    Hey Charlie
    Having your own URL shortener is better because you control the destiny of all your links as long as you are in business. Consider what will happen to your shorten links if the provider of your URL shortener like bit.ly or bud.url will go out of business or if they decided to charge you to provide these links?
    All your links might be lost for ever .

    as for bit.ly why should you avoid using it ? because when using bit lee your competition can see the f traffic that any of your links is generating...that is why when using links that are for your money website , brad solution is the best.

  • There are only a finite number of ways to say anything and I have run up against that limit on bit.ly when I want to promote a product that someone else has already gotten the link for. With your own shortener you have a better chance to have a memorable url.

  • Charlie

    This one is controlled by me. I am a control freak ;)

    bit.ly and others are great. I just prefer owning it.

  • That, Brad, seems to be the best answer - personal preference.

    Hey, thanks for sharing the info: as much as I've done on the Internet, I didn't know these personal shorteners were even around.

    Charlie Seymour Jr

  • David

    Hi Brad, another great video. I can't see the URL to the shortener service you are using. Am I looking in the wrong place?

  • Thanks David it's above the vid not below where I said LOL

    Here it is again: http://floopis.com/short

  • bluggerme

    Cheers Brad - I didn't even think to look above. It would appear as though we're both dumb asses!

  • Wow, timely post! I was just thinking about doing this, as bit.ly, and even goo.gl, while once ok, have now (seemingly) been getting heavily banned by just about everybody! I mistakenly built some long term projects using these trackable shorteners, and it's been a moderately painful fix. Thanks Brad - will definitely look into this one.

    Would also love to hear your thoughts on in house ARs. My lists are large, but I'm thinking, for the first time, of moving all my ARs in house (yes, even with the problems of whitelisting). Perhaps ARP3 or Interspire ...

  • Funny you should say this. I have been investigating auto responder apps recently so it's on my radar.

    Right now I still use GetResponse.

  • pua

    Brad, how do you overcome the url blacklist problem as it will likely happen when you're doing email marketing.

  • I only email confirmed opt ins and customers so I don't see that being an issue for me.

  • Hey, Brad, this is by far the most awesome, awesomest, awesomely thing I've ever stumbled upon! Sounds like a great tool. Nice video as well - why does your video look so pure white and bright? Are you shooting in front of a green screen or a white background?

  • Thanks man I am so glad to be of help!

    I am planning to do a few behind the scenes vids this week to show how I am doing these videos. Truth is I am in my kitchen shooting at my breakfast bar LOL. I will reveal how it's all laid out shortly so make sure you sign up for my blog updates :)

  • That's awesome - it's a very clean and pure looking space on camera. Whatever you're doing keep doing it, lol. I'll definitely be back to check out your blog.

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