• Thanks for sharing, Claire and Brad. You do have the cleanest videos!

  • I loved the video. I am planning on making a home studio myself and needed information on the lighting and found your video very educational. Thanks!

  • Yolanda @ Paid in Passive.com


    This was a great video and definitely worth a tweet. One of my newest websites requires me to teach lessons and I've been looking for the right setup. Although I don't have all of the tools necessary, I do believe that I can probably keep my expenses under $1k since you provided some links above to affordable products.

    Right now I'm working with a Fuji FinePix digital camera, but I guess I may have to invest in an SLR camera.

    May I ask if your flip cam is an SLR?

    Thanks in Advance,


  • angelawills

    Great post Brad, thanks so much for the tips! I need to start making some videos again. I was thinking about trying out green screen but a nice white background looks really sharp.

  • Sandy

    Excellent. Always wanted one like yours brad - I mean the set up :) LOL

    I spend half my time in the country side. Got a big huge white board - got it fixed to a wall and shoot with a flip camera while I teach with my mind maps written on the board. But .... Nothing like yours - hence stopped it.

    Could you suggest on what need to be done if I need a white board on the background ? - of course without the glare on the board and average audio record which I experience now.

    Awesome Vid - pls also give us an idea about how you do the recording and synchronization of the audio onto the vid.

  • Post production tutorials to follow :)

    I am in the process of ordering some cans of ideapaint which lets you turn a wall into a white board so i will have this challenge too. I think some overhead florescent lights and maybe a hotshoe light like this: http://www.litepanels.com/l... should do the trick.

  • awesome work Brad! the minimalist look is very nice.

    the MKII must make pretty huge files. what editing software do you use and what file format do you export to?


  • We use Final Cut pro and export out 720 HDV standard files. They are large yes. But the better the file we upload to youtube, the better the end result ;)

  • Good stuff Brad, thanks for sharing.

  • I would like to thank Marlon Sanders for referring me to your wonderful video and website.


  • I would also like to thank Marlon Sanders for including me in his newsletter :)

    Welcome Roxie!

  • Hey Brad,

    I love these mind changing blog posts. Great share with breaking down the process and sharing how we can easily do the same.


  • Brad,

    As always, great job.

    Our set up is similar and different at the same time. We used to us a white wall and lights from Home Depot but since we so often want a special backdrop, we changed to green screen behind us. When we want white, we pop in a bright white backdrop image and get the bright white that is used with webpages (so we appear to float on the page).

    Though both Dr. Marc and I now primarily use iMovie (we like to use consumer-level products so that we can teach our clients how to use what they actually get their hands on), we have also used PC programs before (like Sony Vegas or Sony Vegas Studio; also Windows Movie Maker) to do our many videos. Though we have Final Cut and it allows multi tracks of video and audio the way Final Cut Express or Pro allow, we do multi-camera shoots as times and iMovie works just fine.

    Hey... be happy to share our free materials with all of your fans too: http://CreateYourOwnLegendN... - all they have to do is log in to get our free tools.

    Thanks for sharing your set up. Ours is in my lower level where we record our videos and podcasts - we now call it our recording studio (but my wife still calls it our recreation room!).

    Charlie Seymour Jr

  • Charlie I checked out your video and it's very well shot. I would love to setup a green screen in my house. I may still do just that.

    Thanks for sharing your tips. Thats what this post is all about. Sharing knowledge and techniques :)

  • Mentozento

    That's a very informative video Brad. Keep it coming.

  • Tim

    Cool stuff Brad. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience.

  • Hold on ... No one told me I needed a wife to do this stuff! :)

    Great explanation Brad. I've got the full green screen setup (and Tricaster), a touch more complicated, but I love the way you broke it down. Honestly, your videos are awesome. I'm thinking for my business oriented filming, this is a great look (and so easy).

    Loved it ...

  • 1. Wife (optional)


    Claire and I help each other with our vids but I have shot plenty by myself, and so has Claire. It helps to have someone there for sure but it's not essential.

    Thanks for the kind words, please do share your vids when you make them!

  • This is great... but it's not the tools that make the great videos.. it's the person in front of the camera... =)
    oh and the person behind the computer doing the editing...
    Great job. Thanks

  • I agree mostly but I think people attach value and credibility to the quality of our videos. I believe that many of us will pay more attention if a video looks well produced.

  • Anony Mouse

    Thanks Brad. Looks like a nice not too complex set-up.

    Have you compared this method to say a green screen? I was thinking of upgrading my imovie to '11 as I believe this will support chroma key background replacement.

    How long did the video editing take for this and what is the learning curve like for Final Cut?

    Thanks again for sharing.

  • Final cut takes a couple of days to learn and years to master.

    I have tried green screen but never liked the result. White looks nice on video and requires no post processing.

    This clip took Claire 20 minutes to do.

  • Are you sure this isn't from the set of Dotto-Tech?

    I bet this would work with my data projector screen.
    Maybe not as crisp but its worth a try.

    I'll let you know the result.

    nicely done - I was impressed the first time I saw it.

  • Better yet show us a sample vid when you try it :)

  • Just as an aside too. For the microphone selection, Shure is a great brand but the EV RE-2 system is great bang for the buck. I say this as a guy who owns a DJ company and 8 different wireless microphone systems.

  • Thanks for the tip. I am pretty clueless about sound equipment. I lucked out with that shure mic. Everything else has been poor.

  • Thanks man. I've been waiting to see how you do this. I love this look and style for videos. Perhaps even enough to copy it.

  • Pure. Awesomeness.

    There's nothing else to be said. Amazing post man. Brilliant

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