• Alberto M.

    Happy Birthday !!!
    Only 30some - I'm right behind you!

  • Happy Birthday Brad,

    Thanks for all the great content and insight

  • rob

    Happy birthday Brad

  • Happy Bday !

  • Thanks :)

  • Totally dude. If you can sell the code for profit, that is the best part.

  • Yo Brad!! I would be very careful on suggesting outsourcing your programming development. if you are investing into a product that your company will depend on, I would not suggest outsourcing that. Low level stuff or non priority should be okie dokie for that. Our company has many privileged product that people would love to have. Our product will be priced in the thousands of dollars to keep away the lurkie loos. If we outsourced our development, I think our company would be set up for failure before we even launch. I have heard many horrors stories of coders implementing spammy product or better just stealing it. No NDA will ever protect you if they are in a foreign land like somewhere in Asia.

  • Agreed when you are talking about intellectual property kind of stuff. I am mostly taking about scripters who add functionality to sites etc.

    Having said that. I once had a Russian rent a coder make me a kiler app for peanuts that I sold the source code for later for a killing. It all depends on your experience.

    Most programmers don't have the head for taking their work to market so they may never see the value in your code.

  • cashforlifetv I love your devils advocate man, its great chatting with you on stuff :) You are the reason I now keep my sites more hidden :)

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