• Hi Brad !

    Great tips and great quality . I love the length of your vids.

    Have The Best Day,

  • The title was a little confusing! Great tip though. I had heard to run the camera for several seconds before the actual taping so that you can edit out sounds but don't recall ever hearing about making a noise for a snyc point.


  • Eric White

    Good tip thanks.


  • Christina Osorio

    Thanks Brad,

    I literally am learning everything from zero to launch and I get a lot of help from your stuff.


  • Clap On, Clap Off!!!!

    Great insight on shooting video. I need to get a white screen now :)


  • Brad,

    As you know, I really appreciate your style AND your substance! Another well-done presentation here.

    Here's a spin on what you do:

    In years gone by when I did multi-camera pickup and wasn't recording them into one source, we'd shoot off a strobe flash (like the one I use on my Nikon). It fires at 1/1000th of a second and gives a great visual cue about how to pull several tracks together and sync them.

    For Dr. Marc and me, we roll several cameras at times, but always record our audio into one of them (through our wireless system going directly into our main camera). That way we are certain that at least one of them is 100% synced. We then line up the others using a clap or we do it visually using the wave curve and our ears.

    Thanks for your continuing top-notch info!

    Charlie Seymour Jr

  • NOICE! I love the insider tips here. I feel like I've been given keys to the secret vault where all the magic happens behind the scenes. Well done

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