• agree with justin... i'm starting my video business just now and love brad's DIY attitude. you really don't have to outsource everything. generating money can besides hard work really be fun and creative proccess .

    best regards,

  • Can I get someone on Fiverr to take my video and creat fake camera angles ?
    How much would someone charge to do this ?

  • Tabuchi

    I agree. Simple - but adds a professional touch. hope I can figure it out :)

  • Nice trick so essentially you are saving 2 different file sizes? and then adding and cutting the smaller file size video in between the timeline?

  • The 2 files are the same resolution. The file size may be different because they have different pixels used but they won't vary much.

  • It's a pretty cool trick, but I would be careful with overusing this as it can quickly become distracting and annoying. When used correctly I think it can add the perfect emphasis needed.

    Great video tutorial and explanation!

  • Brad,

    As always, nicely done in your video explanation!

    We shoot everything in 720p to avoid the first compression (which often loses some resolution) and to keep the file size down. If we were going to use something for a DVD, we MIGHT go to 1080, but probably not even then.

    And if you used iMovie instead of Final Cut, you'd see the beautiful way it's handled here: cropping is a snap and using the Ken Burns Effect is simple (not fool proof, but still simple).

    We use the technique you describe all the time, but put a bit of zoom in or pan across, and it comes out even nicer - for very little extra work.


    Charlie Seymour Jr

  • Peter

    Thanks for sharing this Brad. Let me run this by you to see if I got this right.

    step1: You record one video and make 2 copies of it.

    Step 2:
    Copy 1: Reduce video size to 720p.
    Copy 2: Crop the original 1280p to 720p by selecting a window as oppose to reducing the video size.

    Step 3:
    Using video editing software, you run both copies at the same time and switch back and forth between copies using the multi-angle feature. Render the new video.

    Am I correct? Thanks,


  • Yes you do have it :)

  • pretty nerdy but cool tip. thanks! I don't have a 1080p camera :( but would love to get one.. it's a really cool effect!

  • pretty nerdy but cool tip. thanks! I don't have a 1080p camera :( but would love to get one.. it's a really cool effect!

  • Dhyan

    Love your work Brad! Sincerely, Dhyan Khalsa : )

  • Nice explanation man. I need to get back into video mode soon. This series is inspiring me to ramp up production.

  • NICE explanation man. I remember watching some Eben Pagan sales videos a few years ago and assumed he was using 2 cameras. But thinking back to the way it was done, it is exactly what you are doing here. It is a great little trick and adds variety to the video as well.

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