• This is the shit - Inspiring.

    Damn how come I have never heard of you? I am a kook!

  • Jake

    Brad, I just watched this and you have no idea just how motivating it was. Thank you.
    Jake (formerly from the way cool Accidental Network).

  • Hey man it's been too long. Hope you are well.

  • Straight and to the point. I've long realized how effective videos are for bloggers. I know, I love to watch videos of other bloggers. But I've never come around to making my own. I guess, I'll have to just 'dismiss' my fears if I ever would want to make one step forward. One step across that line is all I need.

  • I think it all comes down to that, taking action.
    Good stuff Brad, hope to see you around :)

  • Hey Brad,

    Love what you say there in the video, so true, there are thousands of ideas and things out there people have just sat on and not taken action on, who knows there is probably cures for diseases and new technology out there that has not yet been heard of because someone just didn't take that extra step forward.

    Even Einstein had so many great ideas if it wasn't for him working in the newspapers at one point he wouldn't of had the opportunity to push his ideas out there. We must look at every opportunity possible to get our ideas out there!

    Have a great day,


  • Dan welcome!

    So many people take things to the 90% point and then quit out of some fear. You are probably right about cures etc. which is REALLY sad for humanity.

  • I'm at about the 90% point of launching an iPhone app. I'm experiencing a lot of fears trying to creep in. Sometimes you mistake them for valid excuses. But I just try to squash them immediately

  • Neil

    Great Post ,
    I agree with Justin, your game is crazy tight. We can only dream of accomplishing half of what you’ve done. You’re amazing.

    Speaking of amazing there’s a lot of it happening online right now.

    I’m seeing people develop strong brands and influence hundreds even thousands of people.
    Email Marketing seems to be the tool of choice along with a blog + autoresponder. Video is Hot! Hot! Hot!

    They say there is a fine balance between offering value and communicating offers.

    I read somewhere that you should only promote once every ten emails and the other nine should exceed an over abundance of HUGE VALUE (no selling) all spanning over the course of a month. But you can only really know what works by testing.

    Love the videos Brad!
    Thanks for sharing,

  • Thanks Neil

    Actually the reality is that when you deliver too much free content to your list, it conditions them to expect free content from you.

    I made this mistake in the beginning.

    In my experience if you deliver value and charge for it people will still be happy with you :-)

  • Batman

    Hey Brad... What super secret technique do you use... when fear is in your way from accomplishing something.. and you allow it to control your emotions??

  • I have just gotten good at recognizing fear when it creeps in, addressing it in my conscious mind and then dismissing it.

    A great book worth reading is called Linchpin by Seth Godin. In it he refers to the lizard brain which is the primitive mind that is only driven by the most basic needs.

    The lizard brain is what kept us alive long before we had advanced communication and language. One of the things that it is afraid of on a basic level is attention. In the animal kingdom drive attention to yourself can often result in death. I believe it's this basic fear that keeps people from doing their best work.

  • Batman

    "People will do more to avoid PAIN.. then to gain pleasure".. Tony Robbins

  • Fantastic video dude. I have heard these kinds of messages from other people but I take it much more seriously when it comes form someone like you because you live by these words. You run towards fear all of the time and we can see you doing it! Great advice and great leadership.

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