• Drew Stevenson

    Yeah. I tell my ex that I will help her with WHATEVER....she has learned over the last 7+ years that I am trying to to make it online....but the fact that she knows that I don't work because I get VA disability has her thinking (like many others) that what I am trying to do with my internet business is a crock of shit. Obviously I need to change with whom I spend time.

  • i am new here, and I like your message!
    I am trying to setup an online business, so this definitely applies to me.

    thanx, will be back

  • Great post man. We have talked about this behind the scenes so many times but it is huge. Business owners need to respect their time way more than they do. Once they respect their time, other people will follow suit. As Mukul said, you may come across as an ass but sometimes that's the way it has to be if you want to dedicate the time needed to succeed in business.

  • Brad, this is very true. I am seen as an ASS Since I have set the rules and demand people to respect my time.

    Once I let loose, I get walked all over, so I agree.

    Also, what about me respecting my own time, I am the most guilty :)


  • Dhyan

    As always - Awesome and Inspiring Brad!

    @Alan Kay: I love how you are able to offer a "title or name" of sorts, ie: ESI.
    Coming a bit from this "energetic angle" also, if you self-respect first, the
    energy will ripple-effect back. Communicating to friends and family is "The Key"
    while grooming your own self-respect. Healthy Boundries is not only the referee,
    but clearly an indicator of this self-respect!
    I learnt from a fellow collegue that one must have the discipline to rise, dress
    the occasion, and show consistency to the world......
    How else will your peeps know??!

  • Awesome message, it has happened to me more then often where family ask me to do internet work. I had to put a stop to it and just tell them straight, look I'm running a business here and simply don't have the time.

  • When I'm giving my time away to others without a direct transaction, i.e., a $ fee,I apply the rule of enlightened self-interest (ESI). ESI means you must be clear on the value you will get as much as you will give. Sometimes the value is reciprocated quickly, other times it's in the future. If you're not clear about the ESI don't help someone otherwise you won't be motivated to do a good job for them, and vice-versa. ESI is about quality as much as anything. I'm on several NFP boards and I recommend my fellow board members be really clear on their self-interest objectives. When they're not clear they almost invariably don't do a good job for the board.

  • Christina Osorio

    I can't help but wonder if my busting into your morning routine had something to do with this topic....And I realize I turned my simple question into another not so simple one. I am going to make it a priority to work on this.

  • Brad:

    I think you were talking about me here...a VERY SOLID Video that is truly something people need to see. Bottom-line is no one ever puts time in for themselves. It's always for someone else - family, friends, employers. I made a change after Brad lectured me on this point (THANK YOU!) and completely wiped clean my slate of meetings for stuff that wasn't important. It is hard at first, especially for folks who are in job search mode, because it is a mental hurdle between something completely new (your own independence and accountability) vs. the umbilical cord and someone else.

    Great video Brad - this one is good!

  • Awesome tips man.. that's exactly what I need to work on.. my wife (and I, I guess) takes me being home too lightly... I tend to get distracted and goof off all the time coz my wife gets me to do stuff or my friends say hey come out and play... I need a "do not disturb" sign on my door! But I think it will be different from now seeing as I have my own "office" room. Not easy to work in the main living/bed/lounge room like I had been for the past 5 years.

  • Great message here Brad. It really applies to me.

    It's tough to get people to respect your time when you are still in the same house. Unless they work from home too, most of them don't understand.

    It also takes discipline to not allow others to distract you. This is what i'm working on now.

  • Kara

    Great post, Brad.
    Regardless of whether we have a solid handle on time, we can always use the reminder.
    Thanks for putting this together and sharing!

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