• Eileen

    Thank you both for this video!
    After purchasing Brad's book and reading it in two days I sent it to my husband in prison and bought myself another one.

    We've been working on a concept that will help inmates and their families navigate their transition into prison.  

    After reading Brad's book I realized we were thinking too small and since expanded my audience.

    Brad, thank you for the great advice. I look forward to helping people and making lots of money with the lessons I've learned so far.

    Mark, thank you for sharing your story. It's nice to meet someone else who isn't scared to share their history. Looking forward to being there with you at the top!

  • Johnscooter


  • Johnscooter

    lol then a whale jumped out of no were wow lolololollololololololololoolah

  • nimbus49

    weed? Big deal! All my friends in Calif grow it legally :)
    Sounds like the UK is a little uptight!
    Have they finally let Keith alone? lol

    Mark....great job on the IM, you are an inspiration!

  • This is great information. Very inspirational. It shows what can really be done.

  • Hey guys thanks for sharing this. It has provided a much needed perspective for me - I now realize that the debt I incurred from attaining my degree could be much worse.

    I'm trying to be grateful for the situation that I am and simply be glad for the fact that I have internet access, optimism that this stuff works and the ability to make things happen.

    With that said, I tried to access Mark's WSO that he posted on the warrior forum a while ago, but I couldn't sign up. Anyway you can hook up a fellow war room member?

  • Woody

    I just now got around to watching this video, and I'm sure glad that I did.

    Mark is an inspiration for hard work and succeeding. I know I've been looking for the magic money bullet for a while now, and this video looked me in the face and said, "If you want to succeed, then you are going to have to work hard...at first." I've been making excuses for a while now, and after watching this video there is no reason that I can't go out and do that same thing.

    Thank you for the update Brad and Mark. I appreciate you guys taking the time to create this video and show how far you've come in one year. I look forward to seeing you guys soon.

  • Karl

    Great video!

    Congrats on your success, Mark.

    I think in IM you have to have the "need". The need for money, the need for paying of dept, the need to put food on the table and the need for success. Lots of people go into this with the mindset of making just a few bucks on the side. And although there´s nothing wrong with that, I think it´s just not the right mindset to make you put in the hours and the work that´s needed in this business. It´s obvious that Mark had a big need to get his life on the track again and I think that´s what drove him to success.

    Anyway, I´m happy to be a part of the Mastermind Group and making 2011 my best year in IM.

  • Ray

    Congrats to Mark!!!! Truly an inspiration.

  • Kym

    Wow. Thanks Mark and Brad for sharing the journey of the past 12 months. So often we see the hype of a product launch, but have no idea of what really goes on long term.

    I have been part of the Mastermind 2011 group for a few weeks now and had my first call with Brad this morning. I have my plan for the next 90 days which is profitable and achievable using tools and skills I already have in place. No more "shiny objects" for me. lol.

    If I can do 1/10 of what you have done Mark, I will be a happy camper. With the support of both of you, and a whole heap of others in the group, I am sure that I will.

    It is truly a Mastermind Group, and I am proud to be part of it.

    Heres to 2011!

  • MobileMensa (Alex B)

    This is a great video.

    Key points learned:

    1. This is hard work. But it is doable.
    2. I am not happy about what happened to me but I am working hard to reclaim and do better.
    3. Brad - I can alway find a way to make money on the Internet ("street smarts")
    4. I had less than zero and did this - not bragging - but I did it. And I wasn't even at my top game in month six.
    5. I would trade any corporate rate race for something I can do from home.
    6. A lot of effort was put up in the beginning but I am now earning with no effort months later (that is COOL)

    Pure honesty from Brad and Mark. Look - there's a lot of guru nonsense out there. None of them or the masterminds will lie and say it is easy or that everything is figured out. But collectively, with the experience of many, one will avoid mistakes already repeated OR at least focus in the right direction versus the endless education and "opportunity seeking" to make the quick buck.

    Gone are the days when the massive GURU launches would attract me. Nope. I have realistic business targets and if I met those low targets, I am a happy camper. It would not take me much to be happy in building my trade in my areas of expertise.

    I have lofty goals which I plan to make more concrete with Brad/Justin's Brainwash series -- one call with Brad helped me refocus my friendships and work to eliminate negativity and ridicule. Afterall, friends aren't really being mean but they are sharing their insecurities about your efforts and the fact they have not seen you succeed - so they simply imply you won't succeed. You need to be around real people who do things and act on them...and who will guide and support you. Friends may not be that source of inspiration because their own mindset is not aligned for this...

    Either way, great work from Brad and the gang!

  • Christine

    Congrats Mark...

    You are truly an inspiration and you are right. There are a lot of people in prison that don't belong there.

    I know of several women who have been imprisoned because of what their husbands, boyfriends, and grand children were doing in their homes.

    It's a little something Called "conspiracy" that gives the government cause to imprison people with certain "knowledge" whether or not they actually participated in the crime.

    Before my personal interaction with these women, I was as ignorant as some of the above commentators...ignorance...by the way, is lack of knowledge not stupidity.

    Because of my experience with these women, my new personal philosophy is:

    Judge not lest ye be judged, and
    But for the grace of God, there go I

    Anyway, keep up the good work.

    P.S I personally think "weed" like alcohol is a slippery slope and I don't believe it should be legalized but putting people in prison for it certainly is not the solution.

  • Brad

    doesnt brad look like tim robbins?

    winter is hitting hard up there i guess ;)

    brad i love your blog, this story is very inspiring, im getting out of the current industry, and focusing on mainstream, im a reader now of your site...thanks man

    phoenix ;)

  • Yo Brad long time no chat!

    Great to have you commenting!

  • Dave Toomey

    Disclaimer: I've known Brad and Mark for a few weeks now.

    I can honestly say that Mark (and Brad) are two of the good guys in IM. This is all that matters to me. They present their products and services as well as their support with honesty and integrity.

    Unlike dozens of IM marketers that sell in the IM niche on Clickbank and other places like the WF. There are marketers that are downright crooks and deserve punishment.

    As for Mark's past. I am not qualified to comment on is sentence but ... I am more inclined to trust him because of his openness of his past and the actions he has taken since his release than judge him on his mistakes.

    As long as he and Brad continue to provide good quality content to the likes of me I am not going to judge actions taken by a man and father who was backed into a corner and made a mistake..human error happens everyday.

    I am not religious but ... "He who has not sinned can cast the first stone..." and I know it won't be me.


  • Dave, it's rare to have someone with so many good ideas in my mastermind. I think you bring some serious leadership to the table and I can't wait to see what you do this year!

  • Congrats guys! To both of you. Obviously to Mark for working so hard and setting an amazing example for the many people who have been following and watching. I am connected to Mark on Skype and Twitter and this guy doesn't sleep. He is so focused and determined to reach his goals which, in my experience, is the only path to success.

    Congrats also to Brad for being involved and support Mark. Despite some of the hilariously lame negative comments about Mark, Brad stepped up and helped him get back on his feet. This is where the real inspiration is. People helping people improve their lives. Brad has done this over and over again with his clients as well and in my opinion, this is the "true" leadership we need in our world today.

    Hats off gents!

  • Thanks Justin, you are an inspiration yourself. You killed it on the stage last year as a speaker. I can't wait to see what 2011 brings!

  • Awsome video. I met Mark very briefly when attending a seminar in London Jan 2010. He told me his story and goals right there and then.
    The fact that he did not achieve his target means nothing. It will happen sometime very soon.
    Those that knock Brad for helping someone who has been to prison ought to take a good look at their own stance. Everyone is intitled to an opinion but how many of us have done something we are not so proud of?
    Are we not aloud to grow and learn? We are all products of our past, but the real crime would be to never learn from that. Mark has, and will undoubtably go on to help many others achieve success as well.
    Looking forward to building my own success story in 2011.

  • marklyford

    Hey Andy cheers for the nice comments mate, I hope to meet up with you again soon !

  • I look forward to hearing that success story!

    Wishing you success in life and business!

  • Hey Brad and Mark.

    You certainly have been an inspiration Mark. It has been great knowing you over the past year, and I'm glad I can now call you a friend.

    Brad, what an awesome journey its been hasn't it. I'm sure you enjoyed Mentoring Mark as much as I among hundreds of others enjoyed being part of his journey through your and Mark's Blog.

    For everyone commenting on he conviction and why Brad shouldn't. You should really reassess your comment. There are skeletons in everyone's closet, we all do stupid stuff when desperate.

    And I must add, Mark isn't particularly proud of serving time in prison, the point of advertising it so is not that "Hey I'm a convict and I make crap loads of $$, so you go be a convict too". From my understanding, the point is,

    "If an ex-millionaire who went to jail cos of bad decisions, served his time and then went to turn around his life all over again, became a millionaire and helped thousands along the journey, YOU CAN TOO!"

    Even if his crimes were severe, I wouldn't see a point in the above comments because he is changing for the good, trying to make a living and engineer a lifestyle for himself and his family, why wouldn't anyone wanna help such a man? he is not repeating the mistakes he did is he?

    I wish you all the best, Mark. In everything in life that you do.

    Here is to a even more successful year with lots of happiness, success and prosperity, oh! and boat loads of $$ too :-)

    Best Wishes,
    Maddi Murtaza

  • marklyford

    Maddi my man, how are you ? hows the home land ? ;)

    When you back in the UK ?

    Thanks for he comments too....

    the reason I have been so open about prison is that if I covered it up I knew people would call me out on it when I become a millionaire again... people would also come to conclusions about where I got my money from etc....

    So I'm not bragging about prison, just telling the whole story from the get go ..

    Speak soon buddy

  • Maddi

    Thanks it has been an awesome journey. It's hard to imagine a year has already passed. It feels like 3 months. Time flies when you are having fun :)

    I hope I am able to meet you this year!

  • Answers Please - please taking your mean unforgiving spirit and somewhere else. I am sure you broke the law once or twice in your life... Everyone deserves a second chance.

    BTW... Jesus loved prisoners:

    "I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.'"

    Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.

  • marklyford

    Hi Marcel

    Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate them :)

  • Thanks Marcel

    I think some people are brainwashed by the media. I agree that everyone has probably broken some law in their life even if unknowingly.

    We appoint judges to judge people. Then others feel it's their job to continue judging.

    I am not a religious man but I know that I am too insignificant to do any judging.

  • marklyford

    I agree Brad, not many people have the right to judge, religious or not ..

  • Answers Please...

    Distributing marijuana or purchasing it for personal use?

    Only a true piece of crap would support the illegal distribution of marijuana. Despite it being overly regulated the fact is that the illegal sale of it supports many criminal enterprises that take part in rape murder extortion and violence of every kind.

    To downplay that is a either a serious lack of judgement or understanding on your part. The fact that you say he did it in response to a once successful starting to a FAIL is even less comforting.

    In the same sense that bad decisions don't equal bad people, prison doesn't equal rehabilitation. It sounds like you two like him and therefor look at the easy side of things, not the realistic one.

  • Terrysteffen

    Like Brad, I'm surprised anyone takes issue with this. The only reason criminals are interested in Herb is due to the Government's prohibition and the inflated prices and profit it causes. Take the profit out of the trade and criminals won't be involved. Maybe I'm naive, but I've never seen "rape murder extortion and violence of every kind" induced by pot- It's induced by greed and avarice.

    And why wouldn't you try to help someone you like?

    PS I'm also on the piece of crap list...

  • marklyford

    Hey Ryan

    thanks for the comments...

    If Im a piece of crap then so be it ... But whats really going on here with your comments ?

    Brad tells me you have purchased quite a few of his products, so why the anonymous attempt to make your feeling known, surely if you think what you think you shouldn't mind people knowing who you are ?

    I fear there are other things going on here ?

    Maybe you have just been brainwashed by the US media that Marijuana funds organised crime ? From the organised criminals I met whilst away I know weed was viewed as nothing of interest to them. If you are selling drugs to fund criminal enterprises then I'm sure these people would pick other higher profit substances to deal with ?


    Or maybe your anonymous opinions aren't anything to do with me being a true price of crap in your eyes and your just not very happy with your own progress in the online business so far?

    Ill help anyone I can succeed btw .... you included ;)

    I'd really like to talk with you more about this, I'm genuinely interested in your opinions and always love a good debate...

  • Ryan what would you have society do with Mark? Execute him? Put him in prison for life?

    If we all turned our backs on people who leave prison our crime rates would be through the roof. Prison DOES = rehabilitation in Marks case. He has walked a straight line since leaving prison because he has his family to consider.

    I am surprised anyone takes issue with this.

    Just for the record. I am a piece of crap in your book. I think Marijuana should be legal. Since when does government have the right to police the use of a natural plant?

  • Jim P

    Brad, I totally agree with what you said here! The criminals we really need to lock up, are the oil companys, they are literally stealing money right out of our pockects! Oh yea, My sincere congrads to Mark! Great success story!

  • Its not hard to google to see what happened to Mark. He had a succesful business, it was on the verge of bankruptcy and he took a bad decision to grow Marijuana to get him out of his financial hole.

    Frankly if there wasnt a ridiculous prohibition on drugs this would never have happened!

    People who make a bad decision arent by definition a bad person. I suspect we have all done things we are ashamed of.

    I take my hat off to Mark on his rehabilitation.

  • marklyford

    thanks for the kind words Justin :) and I agree re the ridiculous prohibition comment too ;)

  • Justin thanks for your kind and wise words. Welcome to the group!

  • For the people asking why help a convict...

    If we all turned our backs on people after they paid their debt to society, don't you think they would be more likely to repeat their crimes?

    What kind of human being thinks it's okay to turn their back on someone trying to make an honest life for themselves?

    Mark went to jail for a marijuana related offense. Hardly something any intelligent person considers a serious crime worthy of shunning by their peers.

  • Answers Please...

    The story ALMOST sounds good, but as previously mentioned, if you're going to advertise this man as being a convict, how about you tell us what he's been convicted of. They don't send people to prison very often unless they've done something to deserve it. I doubt many people want to financially support a complete loser no matter how good the product is. How about some details?

  • marklyford

    Hi Answers please.

    thanks for the comment ;)

    If you would like more info on me / my past then the comments in this thread will tell you everything about me and my past: http://www.warriorforum.com...

    alos my condensed story is here too: www.millionairechallenge.tv...

    As I have mentioned in a previous thread here they do send people to prison for things they shouldn't, Im not saying I am one of them but people do go to prison when they really shouldn't have.

    and I can assure you I am far from a 'complete loser' ;)

  • Leannabron

    No offence intended but prison is a serious matter... why should anyone trust a crook?
    be it you Brad or anyone else?

    And why do you associate yourself with someone who has been in prison?! OR even in the first place...

    AND why would you help someone who's been in prison!?

    Just wondered why!?


  • marklyford

    Hi Leannabron

    I agree prison is a serious thing. but to be honest prison sentenced here in the UK are a joke. I can see why people think I should have gone to prison, but to give me a 4 year sentence was ridiculous imho.

    I'd also like to say this....

    I met many great people in prison. I met people who should have never been in prison, completely absurd sentences given to people in accidents etc. Many many instances of pure madness in the courts.

    Personally I think Marijuana should be legalised, its a plant after all, but personal opinions out of it sentencing that the courts give out for many things are unjust.

    I have even met people on murder / manslaughter charges who are good people, they just had a series of circumstances that happened to them that anyone could find themselves in.. I learnt in prison never to judge anything or anyone.. The media make us do this..

    Anyone, and I do mean anyone has the potential to go to prison, from driving offences to murder...

    And why wouldn't you want to help people who have been to prison? People who want to be helped deserve to be helped. I know I will be helping ex prisoners when I'm in a position to.

    Also for people judging Brad about this... He and I have know each other for over 12 years when we we both millionaires together.. He helps many people but I know he helped me so much due to our previous relationship before my life took a turn as it did..

    All the best Leannabron :)

  • Leannabron

    your a millionare who grows weed?

  • marklyford

    Im an ex millionaire (will be a multi millionaire again ;) who grew weed , you obviously dont have a clue about me or my past

  • cyoke

    Awesome! I started watching your podcasts, and was sad that they ended (although they were very long). Thanks for this update. I've been waiting 9 months or so for it as well.

    I am inspired by both of you guys. Keep up the great work. Your hard work and success was earned, and is well deserved. Looking forward to seeing the $1 million update!


  • marklyford

    Hi Cyoke

    Glad you liked the podcasts! Thanks for following

    Brad we should really start doing those again soon, even if its a monthly NOBS :)

    Im looking forward to bringing you the $1 Mill update too! ;)

  • We really should kick the podcasts back on. I enjoyed them tremendously!

    Happy new year!

  • marklyford

    Lets schedule the podcasts back mate. maybe once every other week ? Clare still ok for the editing ?

  • www.makemclick.com

    hey there Brad/Mark!

    first, Brad you are real blessing to many folks by sharing your knowledge/wisdom on a daily basis.. thanks :)

    second, Mark congratulations to your success of reaching 300k in your $1M goal. the fact that you started in the negative and "worked hard" to make a change in your life is very inspirational.

    for those folks reading this that are not a member of the "2011 Mastermind" group, definitely consider it for an "investment of change" in your life for the new year.


  • marklyford

    Hi there, thanks for your kind words, I truly believe with hard work anyone can make a success of themselves online :)

  • Thanks it's great to have an awesome lineup of members!

  • Erick

    Truly inspirational. This sort of annual review is critical for all of us. This highlights how successful some people can become in a very short amount of time. Brad's willingness to help someone has brought him a wealth of opportunities in return, but it has fostered the same selfless attitude and willingness to pay it forward for the recipient - Mark. I am proud to be in a group with both of you gentlemen - How can I help in 2011 to help your dreams come true?

    Your friend,

    Erick Cerda

  • marklyford

    Hi Erick

    Thanks very much for your kind comments. I'd love to talk to you more ! :)

  • Erick thanks for your comment :)

    How you can help is by continuing to be an inspiration yourself! I can't wait to see your first speaking gig and video blogs!

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