• angelawills

    hehe I think I know who you're talking about in this video :)

    I would say I definitely have a fear of success. I would also say my mindset keeps me from going past a certain level of income. I think I've programmed myself to believe I CAN'T make over a certain amount and as soon as I get close to breaking it I look for excuses or just procrastinate on things that could be pulling me to a whole new level - NOT good!

    I'm working on changing that ASAP!

  • We are going to help you into a new zone of comfort Angela :)

    The best news is you can keep your lifestyle and just save the extra ;)

  • Alan kay

    Agree about the complainers - take them seriously, not literally. That said, while the can only complain, not tell you what they actually want it is worth noting what they say and ask yourself, 'what might they want instead?'. There might be a product lurking in there. Alan.

  • Tony Brayley

    Hey Brad,

    Once again you help keep things in perspective. I wonder if the "fear of success" is holding me back. Sometimes I think it's just this black cloud that keeps following me (kind of like Pigpen, in the Charlie Brown/Peanuts comics/cartoons). I've got to learn to "make my own weather". Hmmm. Sounds like a good book title. I may just work on that.

    You're doing a great job out there.


    Tony Brayley.

  • Guest

    Great video Brad. There will always be people that complain/blame others for their own personal failures/frustrations. They are like energy black-holes.

    As long as you are legitimately providing value for your market, and the vast majority of people are happy... you must be doing something right. Ignore the grumpy people :).

  • Carlo

    Great Video Brad,

    Definitely can skew your day plan when some bad emails come in with refunds. I tend to take the comments with a grain of salt.... you can't please everyone!


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