• John Taz

    What camera and mic do you use Brad, very nice quality indeed.

  • I actually have a post explaining that here http://www.bradgosse.com/in...


  • Going shopping right now!

  • BrandonMEllis

    Nice thoughts crazy guy ;) I totally agree that when you stop trying so hard and let your mind refresh, you get some of your best ideas. Also if you can get your mind completely involved in doing something I find that incredibly refreshing. I can play basketball or racquetball etc...

    And it is so intense that I am totally immersed in it and I always come away rejuvenated and refreshed. I recommend everyone find something that they can do and that it takes all of their concentration and focus right there in that moment. Could be one of your suggestions or something else.

    Thanks bro.

  • Andy Beveridge

    Yep, we all need me time. I worked through the weekend writing and today I thought I'd crash out. Actually I'm reading the four hour body by Tim Ferriss. No idea if his ideas work but it makes for a great read.

    Andy Beveridge

  • MarkF

    Great post Brad; couldn't agree more! Rgds, Mark :)

  • Quiet time and stillness is where I get most of my ideas. That's why I need to start meditating. Those few minutes right before I fall asleep at night, when it's quietest, is when my brain is most apt to find solutions.

    Walking away, clearing your mind, and coming back to the problem with a fresh perspective is usually necessary to problem solving.

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