• Is that a Peter Lik photo in the background?

  • I wasnt sure what all this was going to be about but it certainly makes sense for planning and I know doing this the right way is often forgotten, my structure is always painful, this is the first of your videos i have viewed, i will now get into the rest of your site, many thanks Brad

  • Judy Caruana

    I used to be a Sr. Manufacturing Engineer, so I know the pitfalls and potholes with "planning" and scrapping that plan. And I was downsized. Then I was an RN, and learned that you can have goals, but when the human entity is involved, again a goal can be set, but the path is subject to change. And I was downsized. So, now with 3 Bachelors degrees and 1/2 of a Master's, I 'm missing something. I have a goal, and I also have this need, or desire and motivation to achieve it,. . .for me. I need to prove to me that I can do this! So, with no"list", not the foggeist idea of what a "WSO" is, 2 domains/websites (because somewhere along the line I was told I needed them), do you think you can help me? I'm not a techie, but I learn quickly. I've used computers to get the information and graphs etc I needed, but I'm not familiar with programming, or alot of the things you've talked about ( like "Skype" ) I only recently found out about Facebook! Can I start here, or do I need some other basics?
    Judy Caruana

  • Judy. Judy. Judy. If Brad can't help you, I'd certainly like to try, but I'm sure Brad will get you there quicker. I don't know what a "WSO" is either, but I do know how to find out. My site is www.wow-oh-wow.com if you want to take a look.

  • It would be nice of there was such a thing as a plan but generally "planning" is just a fancy word for fear. The best and most successful entrepreneurs I know started with no plan. Sure they may have added some strategic planning once they had some momentum and direction but ultimately you can't steer a parked car...hitting the gas and making adjustments along the way produces far better results as far as I've seen.

  • Rightous. Mid-course corrections minimize pilot error. Now back to my entrapanuering journey.

  • Hi Brad

    Actually you have to take a bold step forward in order to gain the results you really want even if you don't know exactly what to do next


  • Why we need to fail (to be successful) http://solutionfocusedchang...

  • I have an example for everyone. Currently I am attending school trying to attain my associate's degree in web design, and I have 3 classes left. Coldfusion, Systems Security, and some humanities class. Classes for this semester began 3 days before I discovered Brad's Newbie Camp. So now, I have 2 kids to raise, go to school full time, work a job part time, and camp for fun. Today was the beginning of week 5 at school, even though I have been to every class and turned in every assignment, I had no idea what I was doing until today. Newbie Camp became more important for those 5 weeks, and thank god, because he told the real story. He allowed me to take what I have already learned in school and put it to use. But he also added a lesson that I haven't learned in school yet, and I don't see it being taught in the near future. You gotta care. You gotta put out quality work, and sometimes you gotta be a dick, but most of the time you don't. I thought I was going to fly through this semester with the greatest of ease, but plans changed, and I'm 5 weeks behind, because of Brad Gosse. But I am going to catch up and put out quality work. Thank you, Brad.

  • The act of planning has been very beneficial for me, but when the rubber meets the road it's good to be flexible (kind of like a plane that detours around some bad weather but still reaches it's destination). It's also great to have short deadlines and short feedback loops so your under the gun to shave off all the unnecessary fluff.


  • I couldn't agree more Brad. I find that being too stuck on a plan (and the planning process itself) can take up too much time and blind you to opportunities. Some times you need to take a leap of faith and run with it.


  • Great timing on this one. I was asked the other day, what my traffic and sales were for http://www.dailydealtips.co.... I did not even think about those things, just on building a strong site, making sure customers get treated well and drive traffic, not on the exact plan. So good timing on this post.

    I do however think if you are starting out, have a business plan (make sure you know there will be flexibility to do it).


  • Hey Brad, great video as always! You really put this topic into perspective and on a large scale I have to agree with you. Sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves and set ourselves up for failure when things don't go exactly as planned. It's a good quality as you mentioned to be flexible to a degree. Like the old saying "Life is a journey not a destination" and I think the same quote can apply here in this case from a business point of view. You don't want to be too laid back, but at the same time you need the ability to go with the flow also. I guess it has a lot to do with balance. There's planning, and then there's over-planning.

  • The recent City Summit of CEOs came up with the buzzwords 'Relentless Incrementalism'. Sounds like the corporate version of your piece on planning.

  • Pat Flanagan

    Small businesses (and especially one-person businesses) who try to plan things out to the detail rob themselves of one of the prime advantages that they have over large businesses -- the ability to quickly change directions on impulse when there's an opportunity worth seizing. Big businesses have the turning radius of a triple-length trailer truck because they have a lot of people depending on them, while small businesses are motorcycles with one or two riders. I've made a major change in the direction and area of my business over the last 6 months purely because of a few chance happenings that came together in my head as unlocking an opportunity. If I would've ignored that because it didn't fit into my plan, I wouldn't be on the path I'm on today, which is both making money for me AND is a lot more personally enjoyable for me.

  • nathanzadworny

    Dude, I'm with you. I used to be one of those guys who wouldn't take a dump unless I had a plan. Now I'm much more able to let life take me where it wants me to go, and it usually ends up in a way cooler place than I had expected. Nowadays, when I'm making stuff or doing videos or whatever, I just get a very basic outline of what I want to get across, and then I just go for it! Creativity can't be planned. Thanks man.

  • I agree with you here man. I have seen people "plan" themselves into TOTAL inaction. Plans are always way too conceptual and you can never anticipate every variable that will play into a situation. I am exactly like you. Get a clear idea of your overall vision and just get started. Take massive action and as things happen, adapt and adjust as quickly as possible.... making sure to ALWAYS learn from new experiences along the way.

  • I think that fluid ... a little go with the flow helps creativity and evolution. That said - I think it takes experience and newer people (and certainly employees) need to stick to a plan, build experience and then see where it takes them.

  • Tony Scorza

    Yeah, i tend to have an outline rather than a rigid plan these days, cos too many things can end up "not going according to plan" and right there's my excuse to give up and try something new instead of sticking with it.

  • LisaV

    Just one thing to say paralysis by analysis! I think plans are great but when they get in the way of getting anything done besides a "plan" then that is a big problem. So Plan with productivity in mind.

  • Mark Opoka

    Hi Brad
    I take a bit long to respond to whatever you are on, not because I hate what you have professionalised on. I am like you, Brad. I am looking for money as well as you are.
    Brad, I am from one of the poor countries in the world,I can't beg you for money but I ask to partner with you in a project that you deem brings money.I have the knowledge.

  • Curtis McElroy

    Hi Brad,
    You do look great...26 years ago when I was getting ready to move to Oklahoma to attend school, I was broke so my mother sent me to her banker whom was willing to give me a loan to get moved etc. Just before I walked out of his office he said I want you to subscribe to "Atlantic Monthly" and so I did. It took me years to fully understand why he encouraged me to read this magazine with lengthy stories when I would be doing a profound amount of reading while in school. His point was to get me to take some time to focus on things going on in the ever changing world around me and not stay locked in and rigid by only studying for my future profession. I am sure if he were around today he would tell me to stay flexible and keep my mind open to things changing in the world around me or I will get left behind when it comes to business opportunities. Years later a second banker said...Curtis....if you fail to plan, you plan to fail:)
    I do think having an outline or blueprint is helpful as long as you understand there will be twist and turns along the way with any endeavor you are pursuing and your ability to shift and keep moving forward is the key to great success.

  • I think some people may confuse planning and implementation. I say it's always good to plan. You never say to someone you can make lots of money with an online business and advise them to quit their job and play it by ear. I know most successful entrepreneurs know their numbers. It's just not something fancy anybody likes to talk about because it's boring!
    Now when it comes to implementation, that's when the spirit of the entrepreneur comes up, play it by ear all you want and make sure you do your tracking.

    Thanks Brad!

    Alberto Mangones

  • Great. How am I supposed to follow, "you look great Brad..." When a plan is created, there are only two things that can happen, success and failure of following the plan. The only person that cares about your plan is you, so what does it really matter. Move towards your goal, however that may be. If you feel as though you need a plan, then make one and follow it. If you are a "fly by the seat of your pants" type of person, then don't make a plan and follow it. Plan or no plan, whatever YOU think is the right path for YOU, follow it. Bumps? Run 'em over. Or get some cream. Forks in the road? Pick a direction and go. If the results are turning out the way you want, keep going, or turn around and go in the other direction. Shit happens and things change, follow what your mind is telling you to do. No one knows what's good for you, better than you. By the way Brad, so sexy. LoL

  • wow you look great Brad...

  • Andy Beveridge

    That approach makes sense to me Brad. I think all plans should be flexible, after all, we live in an ever changing world. Nothing stays the same for long. Being able to adapt is a big part of nature.
    Having a vision of where you want to be is important though.

  • I am with you brother. But free spirits like us that trust in something greater to carry us forward are not very common simply because of our upbringing and societal rigidity. And since we were told to have it all laid out before you take the first step, most of us have become afraid of just jumping-in for one key reason - FEAR - the biggest and ugliest of the four letter words. So, this year and through the help of groups like yours, I have started to let go a little bit and trust that things happen for a reason and they usually turn out ok and there is no need to freak-out. So, maintain a relaxed state of expectancy and the world will change before your eyes. Together we can walk the walk. Big Love.

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