• R

    Even if you're married, outsource the stuff around the house. You don't have a wife to was the dishes.

    - From a Husband Who Learned the Hidden Value of His Wife

  • Richard

    suits are for bankers.....

  • Thesillyface1

    What a Douche Bag.....

    You look so uncomfortable in that candy ass suit!


    Richard Belman

  • Well I did smell like vinegar and I was not comfortable in the suit. I suppose you nailed it.

  • Henri

    thanks for the great insights Brad !

    can't agree more with Mary D. The same applies to European enterprenourship environment.

    Delegating of your home chores to people in your local area is a great attitude to cultivate. Establishing yourself a good name as a concerned employer who takes care of the local community is definately an important component of your overall money making strategy.

    enjoy your business,

  • THanks Henri! I agree it's important to hire locally. I must admit having to VA's overseas but I also have Megan locally. Some labor is too easy to get done for less that you can't pass it up. :)

  • Now that I've seen you in that suit Brad I wanna hire you to be my butler...whats it gonna take$$$ ?

  • Actually I felt more like a driver. Get a Bently and we will talk LOL

  • Very savvy, The content in the video's not bad either. Great post and hope you enjoy the seminar.

  • Well thanks :)

  • Mary D

    Plus if you are outsourcing the chores for your home you are hiring local people and keeping people in your area employed. Many people don't think twice about having a VA from a foreign county then complain that the US is losing jobs.
    You can't blame the big companies if they leave the US, while you are having someone in another country write your articles, build your sites or do your backlinking.

  • It's true but it's also an unstoppable path of globalization. Labor markets will suffer as we move to an information economy.

  • I didn't hear a word you said in that video. I was just staring at "the suit" waiting for you to hard sell me a $4997 douchey seminar

    Seriously though... great tip. I know you convinced me to do some of this stuff last year and it made a huge difference. It is easy to forget the value of your time when you are in the habit of doing so many of your daily "chores" yourself

  • It's so easy to let the small stuff bog you down. And so inexpensive to get help.

  • Great idea. Outsourcing chores gets the low-value messiness out of your brain.

  • I have always outsourced the little stuff.

  • Michaelgerbert

    Great tip. Not sure about the deeply rooted sexism aspect, but heh, at least you reflect what most men think about women's roles these days. Thanks again!

  • I think you misunderstood my comment. It was not an opinion or statement about women at all.

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