• I'm an Evernote Pro user, and couldn't live without it. Great review Brad!

  • thank you Brad

  • Does it also work on Android smart phones?

  • Evernote is definitely on Android - I just got my brother to download it for his android phone.

  • marklyford

    I have previously used devonthink pro , but need to lok at evernote. You have been bigging it up for a long while now mate ! Cheers for the video

  • Christina

    Thanks Brad, I have been looking for something exactly like this that works across platforms. I thought I was out of luck. To find something that works as well as Evernote and is FREE...I don't know what to say. I started to use it today. I tried it as a research tool for creating products and WOW! No more 24 tabs open at the same time and I could pull in just the research topics I wanted when I wanted them. Same with the graphics. I blew through the product in record time and had all my source material in one place. AWESOME. I immediately purchased the upgrade.

  • Jim Courtney

    I started using it when Google shut down their Google Notes application. In addition to Win 7 PC, MacBook Pro, iPhone and iPad, I have it on my BlackBerry.

  • Gary S

    I've been using Evernote since it was introduced and its been a live saver a few times. The ability to accurately search through hundreds of files on Evernote easily allows me to include pictures and miscellaneous errata that I wouldn't have in the past because it cluttered up the more important documents. As I don't store many photos or PDFs I've never exceeded the free capacity but I expect that this year I will be upgrading to pro if for no other reason than to support a great product.

  • Absolutely LOVE Evernote!

  • You should get a year free for this video ;) Evernote rocks!

  • Kelly Oxtoby

    I agree 100% Brad, started using it last fall and love it!

  • Hi Brad. I just recently started using Evernote, although to be honest, I haven't gotten serious about it yet... However, I do see the advantages it offers & am working towards using it a lot more regularly. Thanks for the enthusiastic video - it has inspired me to persist with it :-)


  • I use it, it is great!!!!

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