• LOL Brad, one of my very favourite questions! :-) I guess you should feel some compassion for people who don't know what they don't know, but the flip side is that it's perhaps the dumbest question in the online industry!

    Many a client and prospective client has been most disappointed and upset when I had to share this hard truth with them over the years,  yet it's a classic example of the "something for nothing" mindset that most people operate under.

    Anyway, good vid, well explained, and dang it, your shirt looks amazingly clean & well ironed!!! :-) LOL


  • TheVivienne

    You're Number one already Sir. :)

  • Currently doing some support work on a training site - this is one of the most asked questions period.

  • I Am very upset that I am not # for 'Real Estate', 'Business' and 'Internet Marketing' for a website I put today :)

    Good message and nice cartoon :)

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