• However, a great yet simple way to boast your business through WordPress
    is by blogging. It may sound contradictory for the fact that WordPress is a
    blogging platform, but today it is one of the easiest ways of maintaining a

  • The more SEO an internet company is aware of how SEO performs, the quicker and better SEO projects can be conducted on the company sites.

  • There are so many things are there in the search engine optimization that you have to make in sense and you have to implement it to get your website ranking high and more customers.

  • Point to add - Don't duplicate the same  title for all your web pages in the same site. Rewrite it such that each title is unique.

  • I just hate SEO. It's always something new. Thanks Brad! I love your blog

  •  One of the most annoying things about SEO is that it is forever
    changing. What worked back in 2001 isn’t going to work today, ten years
    later. Heck, what worked last week might not work today. Search
    engines change the way they rate sites (their algorithm) constantly
    because if they didn’t, people would just game the system as much as

  • Web Designer

    Absolutely, after title, description then for the most part the keyword section of the meta tags get ignored to the excessive over abuse web designer

  • As compared to traditional marketing, this modern type of marketing has the ability to reach the target audience using a highly personalized and dynamic technique. Also, this marketing strategy requires minimal cost and effort.

  • OH yes, agreed totally brad , your content is awesome !
    The title will spark the difference, especially if it is a copy written one

  • The title is powerful and will as a description to the search engines on what your page is about

  • Tim


    Its really so nice article guys and its title is really so brilliant.


  • Brandi

    A title done in a nice sentence? 70 characters for all of that...

    Disagree. Title shouldn't be a sentence. Description should be, however (160 characters max)

  • The title is your blueprint what that page is about..make sure you have the right plugins to make your tiltes seo friendly..

    "Black Seo Guy "Signing Off"

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