Watch Kong: Skull Island (2017) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Quality: HD
Title : Kong: Skull Island
Director : Jordan Vogt-Roberts.
Release : 2017-03-08
Language : English.
Runtime : 118 min.
Genre : Science Fiction, Action, Adventure, Fantasy.
Synopsis :

Movie ‘Kong: Skull Island’ was released in March 8, 2017 in genre Science Fiction. Jordan Vogt-Roberts was directed this movie and starring by Tom Hiddleston. This movie tell story about Explore the mysterious and dangerous home of the king of the apes as a team of explorers ventures deep inside the treacherous, primordial island.

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  • Morshed Alam Milton

    Fiverr everyday canceling many account without pay account balance even they dont have customer support for non user, They Believe " Fiverr way or Highway" but i feel "Fiver way is Highway"

  • sdsa

    this should be a good lesson to idiots such as you so that you no longer make volunteer advertisement of commercial companies! commercial companies do not care about you. you are a source of MONEY for them. you are nothing more. you idiot!

  • Yvonne

    I just got my account banned after I asked for refunding me after a GIG went wrong. I opened a case on PayPal in order to have the money, which they returned as credits on my Fiverr account, paid back to me on my PayPal account. Since then I have been shut off and it seems I lost the money which I actually need right now.
    The seller tried to contact me through Fiverr but found my account no longer existant. He then had to find me on Facebook in order to contact me and inform me about being unable to contact me.
    Conveniently all Fiverr help pages regarding refunds and what to do in such a case and even their help pages to solving the account cancellation upon clicked on return onto a 404 error page.
    What a nice customer service.
    This was my third gig and will surely enough be the last.
    To all those I promoted this site to: I am really sorry.

    What am I supposed to do now? Any Ideas?

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  • You are right 100% fiver stole my $3000 and they already miss used my credit card by unauthorized transaction, i just shocked after seeing this in my credit card statement and now i already filed a defamation law suit against them. They are the big scammer and ripper, stay away with, i am also the victim, infect i am buyer there and they stole my money by unauthorized credit card transactions, 3 transaction's each transaction has $1009.51 really a big bastards, I already filed there complaint to our police state for as well as our court to close this website, and there merchant account as well.

    Really really bad never trust them

  • Russell

    It was very painful. I had no money on me when I started. I had to pay a couple of friends to order my gig. I got laid off with the little I had. And with the little I earned, my account was banned with no valid reason other than suspicion that I had more than one account. Now I have nothing to fall on anymore. sad...

  • buddynextdoor

    I agree with what you have to say Brad...You are right...My two accounts were restricted today...and I was horribly checking Google for solution...and your post popped up...I have purchased few of your warrior forum products...and so I started reading your post....and I was shocking with the truth you shed...My two accounts were only of which I pulled to level 2 with lots of difficulties...Lets see what happens.... Same pain I have got from James Renaulf from warrior forum...all his products that I purchased had stopped his website too is vanished too...I hate that any one...he is the worst guy I saw on warrior forum.... You always have always given superb products...and this post of urs is eye opener for everone.....

  • screwfiverr

    I was a seller on I had sold 10 gigs andmade about 100$ i was happy.
    Until the refunds started rolling in.

    eres how the scam goes its a rating system so if you sell a gig and you get a low rating fiverr will delete the gig and ban you.

    If you dont refund the buyers money after he got all the work delivered he will threaten you I did the work so no I will not refund after they have the product. they will refuse any revision and demand a refund after you say no they will threaten your family and use foul language.

    this does not matter to fiverr they will just ban you cause of that customer.

    Sellers are screwed over at fiverr. I have also hea rof many that have had 1000$ plus being owed to them only to have there account banned for no reason fiverr then keeps the monies.

  • Adishwar Jain

    Hey Brad, Can u please advise fromw where you got the website developed?

  • Karl S

    They banned me too for no reason...

    A far better site that I recently found is

  • Karl

    Don't use Fiverr, use instead! Won't ban you unless you are committing a crime.

  • Reseller

    WriteSwap is closed? Im thinking of buying the domain..!

  • CheapViewsLikes

    For cheap Facebook Likes,Twitter Followers & Youtube views

  • Another Fiverr User

    I'm not surprised at fiverr's inability to communicate on any decent level. They cater to buyers and generally give sellers the shaft. I've had so many problems with fiverr's staff and the clients from fiverr that I'm slowly moving myself off the platform and doing business on other websites while still working completely from home. Fiverr showed me the way , but its like building your house on glass.. it may be okay until you have too much for it to support then it starts to crumble.. be sure to make your OWN platform once you get you get off to a nice start with fiverr.. eventually you'll get banned for no reason or you'll get too aggrivated with people who order your gigs improperly and end up with them leaving bad ratings in a false manner (which fiverr staff will refuse to fix).

  • Shahzaib Wain

    My account is restricted for some unknown reason, how long will it take to recover?

  • Jefta Jedidiah

    I got the same problem, but the crazy thing is I just made the account and BAM! Suddenly I got restricted. They said they restricted me because they found me making multiple accounts. And then I was like "Come on, I'm just a 15 year-old boy who just wants to try Fiverr!" It's not about my age, they set the age restriction at under-13. I haven't even get started, let alone me making another account! For what?? I completely don't understand.

  • ScotHypnotist

    January 13, 2014
    I have not gone through too much trouble with these sites. (Yet)
    I lost an account to Keen and once upon a time FB got upset with me.
    Aside from that, I have been looking for places and ways to advertise
    my site www dot xpr3 dot com. I had recently looked into a radio spot
    personality on fiver but, they have not gotten back to me. Right now, I am
    beginning to work with voice over experts to set up a commercial.
    I hope that my advertising plan works out. I just want to use my services to
    help others and make a living. I don't think that is asking to much.
    God luck to us all!

  • hotels-in-vietnam

    great post, it is very useful for me before using Fiverr.

  • MikeDancy

    One of my gigs on Fiverr is where I mention peoples blog posts on Twitter. When I respond to the people with my Twitter handle, I get a warning note from Fiverr saying not to mention my personal twitter account. I swear that the common sense that some people have is just out the window somedays. Thanks for the heads up I'm going to set up an account there now.

  • solidgoldextra!

    Hi there Brad. Thanks for this. I read this post, when I was starting out on Fiverr, about 9 months ago, but then I just shelved it. Guess what, I'm back reading it *again* nine months later, because your point is SOO true!

    The WordPress service I deliver on Fiverr depends on proof to buyers, but now I am frequently getting warnings from Fiverr, especially as my sales volume has risen. Today, it really got me down. I cant help thinking that one day, inevitably, the rug will get pulled out from under me, by Fiverr. Rent money gone!

    Even though I have supported their "gig economy" philosophy, it doesn't help me, if I need the money for rent or groceries, and its stuck somewhere for 90 days. Desperation has led me back to your post. Full circle, Brad.

    I like your final words of advice "Don’t ever let a third-party website throw a wrench into your business machine. Fight back, fight hard, fight to win. It’s your business after all."

    Absolutely right.

    I believe it's time for me to put up that squeeze page, and secure a fail safe from Fiverr, while I still got my legs.

    Thanks for the insightful post.

  • pre.art08

    I am currently selling my domain name Fivah.. its anything about 5.. it could outsourcing starting to 5 dollar, or buy starting at 5 dollar, pay as low as 5 dollar etc.. if interested.. pm me..

  • I.M.Kumming

    Does anyone know if the CEO or his minions travel to northern Europe or base themselves there some of the time? I see they have several country domains registered.

    I want to confront the CEO face to face in public and demand to know what he has done with the hundreds of dollars that went out of my account.

    My account was stripped bare overnight. First I knew was a message saying congratulations your funds have now been transferred. Not to my PayPal account they weren't. Fiverr started off making conversations really difficult with their unpleasant arrogant dialogue and even accused me of passing on password. Next they admitted it had been hacked. But they wouldn't tell me to what account the had sent the money. Rather strange don't you think? A company hands over the dosh to someone else and doesn't keep a record? I had the feeling their response was well rehearsed through much practice.

    Their feeble system allows anyone who's able to breach the password entry to then do what they want once they're in. No further security. Zero. Fiverr doesn't send you a warning email to say you have requested an account change. And it doesn't do anything either when money is transferred after such an account change...other than congratulating you on giving your money to a thief.

    Then after that Fiverr washes it hands of the whole affair. They have refused to tell me the account it went to and have now ended communication.

    So what is going on? Why hasn't Fiverr tightened its security? Is it bothered? Why don't the minions jump to it when something like this happens? Why isn't there a phone number or address anywhere for this company - a company that is prepared to take other people's money but not tell you where they are or allow you to reach them other through than their own site feedback? Actually, if you do a little research you will find they are based in Israel. However the phone numbers offered for company registration, trade marking and domain registration do not work! They are bogus. I know so that when the going gets tough we can't go any further. The shutters come down i.e. they stop communicating and you are on your own.

    Of-course without the company responding properly and proper information you can assume all kinds of things whether rightly or wrongly. Did your money actually leave the company? Do they have some rogue employees or ex-employees who know how much people have and their passwords - and use this information for criminal purposes? I am not saying this is true but one of a few conclusions that might be reached after encountering Fiverr's attitude and methods.

    One thing is for sure, I am not letting this go no matter how long it takes. You cannot set up a company, go for masses of publicity in top newspapers around the world, let people be robbed of their money and walk away without a care. If anyone has information about the whereabouts of Micha Kaufman and if he ever travels to northern Europe I would be very grateful to hear from you. I am a former journalist and would very much like to doorstep this man with camera in tow. I am sure the rest of the world would like to know how this company really operates. Mr Kaufman, if you are reading this, your people may not be interested in me and my loss but I am in you. Watch out I am on your trail.

  • Alizay

    I prefer SEOClerks - all they way !!! Its growing faster than fiverr as I think SEOClerks is the best among both the websites as their payment and support is awesome. And yeah I’ve worked on fiverr but never generated good money as I'm earning from SEOClerks. The best thing is i can find all the seo need at one place. Hatts off SEOClerks for providing awesome service to their members.

  • Mike

    What worries me, are they really going to pay you after the 45 days clearing period or just act dumb and steal your funds?

  • Yellow Page

    Fiverr’s gonna loose lots of customers since you can get anything SEO-related on That’s my honest opinion. Fiverr has to make some great changes fast, if they wanna stay in business. even has a better support, they have freebies, and a lot of other features Fiverr wouldn’t even dream of. I won’t be surprised at all if someday soon SEOClerks will beat Fiverr by PageRank.

  • Hamish has just launched. It allows multi-currency gigs from $5 to
    $100. Useful for attracting buyers from UK, Australia, New Zealand,
    Canada who often back off anything priced in USD$. You sell in any
    currency but get paid in your own currency

    It's the intention of EezeeTrade to only ban members AFTER full and frank discussion. Fiverr's attitude stinks!

  • introcreator

    Great like fiverr But videos intso and outros/logo reveals only...

  • WAS

    The website is a joke to begin with and they are on their way to be sued. For example, they do not povide adequate documentation on their services, that enough is liable for a lawsuit. For example, Fiverr Levels only have a base requirement, and their excuse for removing levels is on a "Automated system" that removed you on loosing experience. Ok. So what about being removed with a 4% increase in experience in a 24/hr period.

    The website isn't automated, but a scam, full of staff looking for ways to exploit their users and ween money out of them at as low as a cost to them as possible.

  • maciano

    Fiverr is quite annoying. You can't use any sort of medium, except their shitty mail interface.. If they had a messenger service , I'd understand why they'd block "skype" et al. But they don't. Very frustrating when you're working by people who don't understand concepts as unzipping somewhere else on earth..

    This is a closed model and if they persist in it, they will be overtaken by someone with an open model. Great concept, cheap short-termist execution.

  • Rahul

    check this video out in youtube-

    This person also got account disabled but

    managed to get it enabled

  • Eugene

    Really Brad. Put yourself in their shoes. You are misleading people by copying the look of their site. And reporting this story is another a way to promote your site even farther. Way to go!

  • AMU

    Fiverr just banned my account, stating that I may have promote other alternative to their sites, without even giving me some warning or some proof to what wrong did I did. They can't reinstate my account and I won't be able to do withdrawal now, that is what they did to me after I earned hundreds or thousands in commission for them, no matter how little money is left in my account, I would make sure to take every penny out of it. Buyers and sellers be aware, never leave your money with, it is not a site you can trust your money with. Plus, consider better alternatives.

  • Dee

    Hello, I guest I am now the most recent victim. I have a fiverr like site and paid for some promotion and when I went to the site the next morning to check, My account was disabled. I spent $25 and didn't even get my job done or a warning email or anything and they say that they have 24/7 support. But there is 1000 ways to skin a cat! Have anyone ever went to paypal with this situation?

  • Jazz

    Join the club. If you have a Paypal Manager sometimes they will give you a courtesy credit.

  • Sohail Khan

    What is the process to withdraw funds from Fiverr account after the account got banned? Actually My account is banned by fiverr for no reason and i have some big amount in my dashboard. So, I just to know the procedure of withdrawal. Thanks in advance.

  • facebookrsl

    fiverr is an scamming site.
    worst worst worst!
    took my 55$ in my account!banned for no reason. i was a buyer. but banned for ever!

    I am taking actions against these men.

    Sheana (Fiverr Customer Support)
    Jenny (Fiverr Customer Support)

    casing a file on you because

    1. removing account wit no reason.
    2. i am a buyer on it lost 55$(it is a big money for me, may be not for you!)
    3. Not responding the messages

    i will contact indian government and take my money back!

  • mazin

    see that is what i deem as bullshit blogs. i was banned by fiverr for the same statement after i reached level 2 seller and they banned all 3 accounts and now i cant use fiverr ever again. its funny when you make a lie and say multiple accounts. well if you live in a different house everyday and have 100 paypal accounts with 100 credit cards maybe but for the normal situation no more fiverr like me. they banned me from opening any more accounts on fiverr and everything was deleted because of no reason except they wanted to.

  • Erin C

    Yes, My account was disabled and I felt very sad as well. Unlike you, I had few dollars in my account. but I will keep using because it has lots of good offers. If you want to know more about my story, please watch out my youtube viddeo here: 

  • I agree. If someone messes with me I do take it very personally. I hate when people say not to. I usually say to those sheeple "If it's happening to me, how the hell else am i supposed to take it?" 

  • sexyguy2012

    fivver will banned u if u promote your site which they consider a competitor to them. Please check of Your money will be safe and refundable. 

  • I had a similar issue with them... at the time my website wasn't even launched I just implied that I was working on a freelance website and BAM!

  • Mark Tulchinsky

    I would suggest this site  there's less competition or more customer service, they don't just bann you

  • It really depends on how you use fiverr. There are some that can take you down if you don't know how to use it properly.

  • I, like many of the other scorned had my account blocked.  When I asked why, they just gave me a canned response similar to the one posted... which infuriated me even more.  Anyways, I started looking for fiverr alternatives and came across FiveBucker.  I have been there ever sense, and haven't looked back...  Thank goodness for them too!!  I have yet to have any issues.  I am paid on time, (and I might add FASTER than fiverr), the customer service is EXCELLENT, and I have been making money.  Woohoo!!

  • In the past few of my friends have been banned by Paypal, had to wait 6 months before getting their money... so Brad, I can feel your pain :) Worst of all - there's nothing you can do, just wait and hope that you will get your money back some day. Or tell your customer 'hey, can you pay $5000 in smaller instalments using 5 different credit cards?' lol

  • omg. that really bad . They block account when there's some earnings.How bad is Fiverr. They have take our $1 for every complete order. And likely to got all our money there by Block Some account. Really2 bad . .

  • Dickens

    I have a theory (well, actually lots of them) that when little companies get big rather too quickly the first thing they do is hire someone with a so-called track record in another larger, probably uglier company, with less company support than a gnat's bejamus, like err Google, Microsoft and YT. Then surprise they bring all their bad habits and friends with them and everything goes to ....

  • Ugothookah

    Great post the exact thing just happened to me no idea why i had said nothing inappropriate or anything and no matter what money i have fiverr wont keep it that's theft against the law so i will get my account reinstalled for this mistake or legal action will be taken against them

  • Catherine

    Just lost all of my levels on Fiverr am hopping mad because one person who sent me a question kept sending me his email address in code even after I told him not to, I need their email address sometimes to setup their accounts that I do for them, really annoyed with them, they get 20% of what I earn and I work hard for each order.  Think I will just setup my own website now to offer my services instead and I can keep 100%.  Will be telling everyone not to use them they are a rip off service

  • all you have to do is login with facebook and then you are in again people good luck with round two

  • Linda Chambers

    While IM is huge with thousands of us out there, it is a very close, communicative society and news like this spreads like a fire across a prairie.  There are number of people who have a brain storm, come up with a great idea and put it into action. We all benefit from this.  Unfortunately, some of them are not strong on the business management side of things and do a stupid, childlike reaction rather than determining the problem, stating the problem and resolving whatever is the problem.  The only good point to this situation is that it opens the door for more competition, hopefully competition with adult, mature, problem solving abilities who know how to manage a business and deal in a 'fair' arena.

  • Try they are much better than fiverr

  • I just had 3 accounts banned at fiverr for basically doing the same thing for my new site but I will still carry on.

  • Philip Torchinsky

    Brad, did you check "Fiverr sucks" group at facebook - We all are to be there and like it! 

    Fiverr banned me for buying gigs to promote my freelancer jobs aggregation service, I am sure I did not violate their Terms of Service, I read them four times! 

    I contacted their CEO, Micha Kaufman via LinkedIn, their support, sent a lot of tickets and requests via and, and finally found they ban people which they think are their competitors! I believe, it's quite bad! The proof is attached.

    The worst thing is actually my website IS NOT a competitor of, and they do not require to avoid buying gigs to promote other websites in their Terms of Service!

  • erollerb is also new.  they don't take possession of the money until the job is confirmed completed.  Service are from 5- $100 and they have a cool section called i dare dare.  dare people to do stuff for money 

  • chemicalginger

    I was blocked by Fiverr this morning. I honestly may have violated their terms of service--I used Fiverr as a promotional tool, offering one gig to every new client and then referring them to my business website should they continue to want to work with me. However, I didn't provide an email or phone number.

    Regardless of my violation, Fiverr made a lot of money off me, as I am an extremely punctual, professional service provider. The email I received said only that I'd been demoted from Level 2, but when I tried to log in, I got the same "Account Blocked" message.

    I'm currently engaged in an email exchange with "Joel from Customer Support," who is telling me that I have to wait between 45 and 90 days to *maybe* be able to withdraw my revenues. My question to him: What about my open orders? For a site that claims to want to protect its buying community, they sure don't seem to care about these buyers.
    Sick of it; going to get my money and get out.

  • Lance

    hey heres a new site just launched i guess you have to get your gigs approved so it is quality controlled!

  • Krrshfunnyguy

    i was about to get a 100$ project but this f***ing fiverr banned my account i'll never get into this stuff again

  • eu

    I also was banned by fiverr,and even if more than 45 days has gone,they ignore all my messages asking them to let me withdraw my earnings,couple hundred dollars. Can you tell me what to do?

  • writechic

    Fiverr did the same thing to me on January 19. Out of the blue, they removed my Level 1 status because of my “recent activity”. My recent activity was delivering over 20 orders the day before and posting replies to potential buyers. When I tried logging in my account, it said I was blocked. I submitted a ticket asking why and all I got was a form reply saying they couldn’t reinstate my account because I violated their TOS. When I asked exactly which part in the TOS I violated, they stopped responding. I had $55 of cleared funds plus over $250 that were clearing in the next week or so, and another $250 worth of orders I was yet to deliver. So basically, I’m out $300+ of my hard earned money. I was a seller there for 7 months providing quality service — over 450 gigs completed and 100% feedback. I had regular buyers. I never violated any of the Fiverr TOS and in fact, even when I had several buyers asking me to pay me outside of Fiverr, I flat out told them no. A lot of good that did me! What’s ironic is that since that time, 5 of my regular buyers have managed to track me down and all they had to go on was my username — they don’t even know my real name, web site, or email address. All 5 of them still wanted me to continue doing work for them and since I’m technically no longer a Fiverr user, I’m all too happy to do so — and I get to keep 100% of the money now! I’m so disgusted with Fiverr — their customer support is horrible and they treat honest, legitimate sellers like dirt.

  • Tweetguru14

    Come on over to our facebook group and help us spread the word.

  • Lyfesrose

    That is what happened to me - I was a buyer - I spent over $1000 on Fiverr Gigs until they shut me down for no reason.  I tracked most of my Fiverr Sellers down!  I would advise maybe you make a blog or even website with your user name in the Meta Title so your sellers can find you easier.  If you don't mind me asking - what was your user name or what service did you offer?  I may can use your services :)

  • Tjtherese

    People vs Fiverr

  • Tjtherese

    PLEASE... anyone who has been duped and banned from Fiverr-- please consider posting to this thread on Facebook--

    a couple of us are putting our heads together to come up with a plan of action-- a step by step concerted effort not be radical but at the same time, serve up enough "bad press" that Fiverr loses value--  there will be those who won't leave, who are willing to take the risk.  That's fine... but for those who are willing to head a warning, we need to move in mass to share the message.  This IS NOT a smear campaign-- this is a "stated fact"-- share the facts and be diligent to telling everyone, everywhere.  No name calling, no crazy vigilante names-- just fact and friendly warnings of what can and will happen. 

    If you're willing to join a small "posting force" who will and can be a pipeline for posting to as many sites as possible to tell our stories-- we'd appreciate it.  Email me at  and let me know. 

  • Rich

    Yeah it does show content unavailable.  They can't hide for too long because the knock is getting loudER.  Once you screw over so many people things will come to light!

  • travisholzem

    It shows content unavailable? Do you have a screen shot so we can all post it and then say the owner deleted it and took it down?

  • Tjtherese

    Anyone else want to weigh in on this Facebook thread-- this FB owner has commented on my post last night...¬if_t=share_comment 

  • Tjtherese

    I also just went on their business page and "commented" to as many
    threads as I could that had a lot of "likes" and posted the following:  

    Just got blocked today--without cause,
    without notice and without explanation. 
    They're not responding to any request for verification and confirmation
    of my "accused violation of terms of service."    SELLERS BEWARE-- they're holding over $205
    in earned gig revenue and according to terms of service-- won't allow me access
    for 45-60 days.  No one I've found yet
    who has experienced this has seen their money! 
    BEWARE and boycott Fiverr!!!!

    I would encourage you to consider the same!

  • Tjtherese

    Fiverr owes me $205

  • travisholzem

    please add the amount that fiverr owes you. Once we keep adding this number up and the public sees how much money they are stealing from their members, it won't be hard to take them down.

  • Tjtherese

    FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE BEEN BANNED WITHOUT EXPLANATION- FILE A REPORT AT  You'll see there are others who have gone before us... I'm consulting an attorney as we speak!

  • nuclear

    how do I file a report, what is fiverr's physical address?

  • Tjtherese

    About how many users would you say you have and what is your payment policies?

  • Tjtherese

    Well, I'm the latest "victim" in the banned without reason club!  I have been a faithful seller and buyer for a little over a month-- not nearly as long as some of you however, my gigs are good and I've been enjoying a nice, steady income and really being able to help A LOT of people.  I logged in not more than 20 minutes ago to find that I've been banned.  I'M ALL FOR A GROUP EFFORT to call these guys out.  This is the most horrific business practice I've ever seen and absolutely borders on deceptive practices.  I was irritated that I had to wait 14 days for my saying I'm irate is an understatement to know that their terms and conditions say I have to wait 45-60 days to redeem my funds.  The terms of service are clear--and I HAVE read them and I'm absolutely positive I have not broken a ONE of them!  In fact, I've guided people BACK to Fiverr to do business when buyers of my gigs or sellers have sent me attachments asking for outside payments, emails, etc!   I feel like cussing like a sailor right now... instead, I'm reaching out to you all to come up with a solution and to hold them accountable.  They CANNOT hold funds without explanation and just ignore us!  I will be talking to my attorney today...

  • nuclear

    Email me. Lets get a class action going against fiverr...It is our money! don't let them take that away from us. We have strength in numbers. Don't let anyone tell you we wont win! If we get enough people to participate we will win.

  • Lyfesrose

    Good luck suing someone out of the country - that would cost you an ugly fortune!  Best thing we can all try to do is get their URL Banned and their Paypal account closed being that those things are US based.    Not sure how to go about doing that though.

  • Lyfesrose

    Anyone banned from Fiverr FORGET about getting anywhere with them.  They will IGNORE the hell out of you to no end.  If you earned money in there - you midiswell kiss it goodbye!

    If you are a buyer and you bought services and did not receive them - the only way you may POSSIBLY get your money back is if you have a Paypal Manager and can complain!

    I would advise ANYONE - be it buyer or seller - to Call Paypal and complain about this merchant.  Once Paypal realizes the shear volume of how many people Fiverr is screwing over, maybe they will terminate their account or make them adhere to some ethical refund policies.

  • Tjtherese

    THAT IS A GREAT idea... I will be in touch with PayPal immediately! 

  • nuclear

    I'm glad I found this...I too woke up and logged into my account to find that I was banned...I'm worried because I have a lot of money in their and wondering if i'll be able to withdraw it. This is just sad. What should I do?

  • Lyfesrose

    Read my post below.  Were you a seller?

  • nuclear

    Yes I was a seller. I am not going to quit or give up. I am going to fight this. We need to file a class action against them.

  • Diobalduman1983

    Hello guys, We just launch a website * Secure and easy to navigate.
    Feel free to post your gigs. See you there.

  • Tjtherese

    About how many users would you say you have and what are your payment policies?

  • Diobalduman1983

    Because this is only a new site.. We only have 60+ registered users. We accept paypal and alertpay..

  • travisholzem

    Send this guy emails at his LinkedIn Profile. he is the CEO of

  • Kevin

    Class action Brad! Ban them... Cant they see that the more they monopolize and dictate with no fair justification,  the more people will get a wordpress script ($60) and start a site that provides micro jobs. Its not illegal, its competitive. 

  • Rich

    Hi Brad, this happened to me too (banning all of a sudden without explanation!). They are just ignoring me without bothering to give a reason, very unprofessional and shady business practices to say the least.  And I was a dedicated seller for over a year there and they just hit me with a permanent bans out of the blue with no explanation or anything (even after I requested several times) and they had congratulated me with by boosting me to Level 2 less than a week earlier.  So they are definitely running a scam and don't care who they run over.  Perhaps they're losing money behind the scenes, greed, or whatever.  But they're flat-out scamming good members with any good reason, confiscating funds and getting away with it.  But we as a web community can't keep letting ripoff companies like Fiverr get away with these types of actions.

    I really don't believe I will get my money left in my account - even if I wait 45 days as I have heard that some people who have waiting have logged in after the waiting period only to find their accounts wiped clean - while Fiverr can simply lie and state that there were no earnings left.  This makes me very upset!

    I know they are an inside scam based on their actions towards me and similar stories around the web - and I want to do something about it!  I am willing to ban together with others who are willing to take a strong stand and make some real noise against Fiverrs wrong doing.  Otherwise they will continue to scam users out of untold amounts of money.  Anyone interested in joining together to fight this as a team, please send me a message at - webcom[AT] - with the words "Fiverr Scam" in the subject line.  We don't have to take this; there is Power In Numbers!

  • travisholzem

    I sent you a couple of emails, hoping you respond. Lets get some viral media going

  • Lyfesrose

    Wonder if we can get their URL Banned and taken down?

  • Well, let's see.  I just got banned because a seller is using the bait and switch method and I complained.  I tried to communicate with the seller twice and she did not respond.  She simply removed the gigs that had bad ratings.  Then I contacted Fiverr and PayPal.  The next thing I know my account was blocked and they said *if* I closed the dispute there would be no disruption to my account.  But I was already blocked by then.  And apparently I will be blocked until the dispute is closed.  

  • Kevin

    Just got banned, and I was a buyer!  I mentioned to gig provider that I will be setting up a gig site to assist with Haiti's recovery, something I am doing out of my pocket and as a cause. Fiverr gave me no grounds, just the ban. 

    Fiverr likes to take, but its against the law to with intent suppress someone for doing business, more so if its Non-Profit. 

    Will do the complaints thing, and see where it goes? 

  • Slaric2011

    I too have been banned by i had been happily purchasing gigs..about 25 gigs i had bought when my friend asked me to help with his Adult fiver site some seo stuff but i didnt think it was a problem to mention what it was for to the sellers...overnight my account was banned and the youtube account of my friends was banned for breaking terms of use...there was no terms of use compromised at nudity.... links of any sought...and after many emails to fiverr explaining that the site is adults only competition to them as they are Paypal bound and have a PG Rating..there was no response i lost 4 odd gigs personally i had in the pipeline..other members obviously lost sales...They are Troglodites at best and i have nothing but support for the many fiver sites that are popping up in competition..i will be happily sending my dollars their way...and will also look into your new site here......I will be doing my level best to help support any other site other than check out my new if the writer here or any other fiverr site would like to be mentioned there check it out and send a message

  • Lyfesrose

    Fiverr and all the other Fiverr like sites are all horrible!!!  I was giving Fiverr over $1000 a month for jobs I was buying off their sellers and then they banned me with no explanation!!  Luckily I have a paypal manager and got my money back.

    Don't use any of those fiverr like sites!!!  The others are even worse - they take your money and the sellers never even do the jobs.  Trust me I tried others and got burnt with them too.

  • Tjtherese

    Lyfesrose-- no, micro-job sites ARE NOT BAD.  I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience however my few months on Fiverr was amazing.  It became a nice steady flow of "fun money" and I made several purchases that I was AMAZED at how much value I got for $5-- the concept is brilliant and gives both sellers and buyers such an opportunity to leverage their talents and buy on the cheap in an economy that forces us all to take a second look at things.  Bottom line- this site is run by Israeli crooks-- and supported by a help desk that is worthless and probably coached, taught TOLD not to respond to banned account holders!  Either way you cut it, they ARE NOT a clearing house- they have no right to escrow money and have no "US LEGAL" right to withold the funds for an exorbitant 60 days!   Enough said... Fiverr is crooked-- micro-job sites without a phone number are  also on the list for suspicion.


    Its me LEADLANCER - who used offer logo design service on FIVER
    you are very true, some people like do very quality job, if fiverr banned my account for reason i started an account for sister.. fianlly what they say is to 'Due violattion our terms and conditions we will not re initiate your account' . i really agree withSyfesrose about fraud.. fiver team fully failed about spam,, instead ban accounts like real services.. they filled up.. there will be a day for every one

  • Lyfesrose

    I did not say micro-job sites - I said Fiverr Like Sites - meaning Zeerk etc. I have used a few of them and none of them ever delivered the service - just took my money.

    I'm not talking about sites like microworkers, mturk.  Those sites are obviously legit and reliable.

  • disillusioned

    I was a top seller on fiverr for many months and have had  a lot of success. I logged into my account to complete my gigs for the day and my account was banned. I have sold close to 1000 gigs on fiverr and they treat me like this. I got a response that there was a copyright complaint against me. I am not sure how this could happen when all of my gigs are my own. You do not get the benefit of the doubt or a chance to defend your business. They are heavy handed and completely unfair. I completely lost all respect for this company. I do have an email into the CEO of Fiverr but I am sure he is a CON just like the rest of the staff that works there.

  • Dhruvilshah30

    i was really good seller at i have send more than 100 gigs and they can ask any of my buyers how satisfied where they!!   fiverr is the good website but now since my account is blocked for no reason i think people who work on fiverr are stupid . my username is dhruvilshah30 thanks

  • Diobaluman1983

    Better try - Offers Live chat support..

  • Diobalduman1983

    I have same problem. My account blocked yesterday January 14, 2012
    HAVEN'T WITHDRAW. Is there any chance that i can get them?

    Really bad experience. I am not doing harm to my employer but they banned me..

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