• Henry

    thanks brad, you really care about nature.  everyone who likes owls take a look at this vid..  http://www.youtube.com/watc...


  • Great photographs Brad, it's nice that you have that little pond for the geese and yourself to enjoy. I'm sure it is great place to relax, as well as a place that creates some different photo opportunities like the ones you shared with us.

  •  Beautiful photography, Brad! It makes me feel so peaceful just looking at the pictures. Wish I lived in a place like that.

  • My son-in-law lives in Florida and there are two geese who lay eggs behind his house.  It's funny when the female calls for the male.  He comes quick!

  •  That is amazing Brad, they appear to be pretty tame.  That's awesome!

  • Martin Capodici


  • fitfortwotv

    Very cool. We just had the same male and female mallard ducks from last year return to our pond yesterday! They flew off before I could grab my camera though.

  •  We have a very similar situation here - except my little plot is only 5 acres. Unfortunately, a hawk got their nest this year, so no babies for us this year. We did have a mama mallard lay her clutch in one of our flower pots this year, and just hatched 5 babies last week. In a few more weeks though we will have several families show up with their 'teenagers' - still all fuzzy and barely able to fly - to spend the year here until they return to their other nesting spots again. It's wonderful to see the same families return year after year - they come right up the steps to the back door to 'say hi'!!!

  • Veronica

    How cute.. and how funny! Why? We have 'em too. Just the other day was out with kids and was pointing out to them how the baby ducks were getting in a straight line 'like you do at school'. 

  • We do the same  Brad, except the island does not belong to us. The lakes are just a few miles from us and we have seen Osprey there this year. The geese, ducks and grebes are all nesting right now. Hundreds of little fluff balls floating around at the moment.

  • Anonymous

    How do you know its the same geese?

  • Paul Bannister

     Nice Brad... and do where the Geese spend their time when they are not with you:


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