• Hi Brad,

    I was wondering what kind of video streaming solution / addon you use for that "Get a copy of this video with your affiliate link embedded." functionality?


    p.s. Adding a funny doc picture as a bait.

  • Kat I

    Cool tool, will try it myself and promote! May I recommend better banners? I'm not too crazy about the baby branding. It doesn't match up with online marketing.

  • I will get it done :)

  • hey Brad!

    you continually keep brain-farting out the good stuff! :)
    i'm going to try and market this for you and make some cash myself, peace!

  • Maria Gudelis

    Love the affiliate tool of the embed code!! SWEET..

  • Very nice looking piece of software Brad.

    I can see this becoming a tool that people would use daily.

    I won't use your banners (thanks anyway).

    I'll probably just email my list using my own words.

    Picked up my link and I'm off to Aweber :)

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