• Is that the car, Tony Stark had in Iron Man?

  • Review a Porsche Turbo :)

  •  That Audi is on my 'list' among about a half dozen other Mega-Machines that round out my dream scheme for kick-ass cars.

  • Jatinder Paul89

    its a supercoll nd interior is so ausam as compare to ots faculties ..

  • Karl

    Why don't you come over to Germany and try with unlimited speed on the Autobahn?
    My fastest speed was 350 km/h with a BMW.

    Greetings from Germany.

  • geekzu

    OMFG. I need that beast!!!

  • Having that princes on a dirt driveway is a crying shame

  •  Worth the speeding fines!

  • Robert Blake

    Supper cool weekend you had Brad. :-)

    I have become more and more impressed with AUDI's entries into the "cool" car category.

  • jbx

    LOL, I thought you bought this already.  Sigh... I am a bit sad now.

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