• Looking beautiful, not sure about the speed as haven't seen any video of it.

  • The color says it all! The car looks very sexy!  It looks very manly, but it is still fit for women. Finding a car perfect for a car lover is difficult now because of the number of cars to choose from. Haha.

  • Hm, big pic is not loading for me....

  • Wow... what a car......

  • Sweet ride Brad! The pictures certainly tell a lot about its trim. It can burn serious rubber with its top speed of 197 mph. And its Gullwing doors add to its race-car appeal. Congratulations for finally making your dream come true. =)  

  • My dream car! A super sports car guise of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. I love sporty cars, but sad I don't have one. I just adore how such cars can set the pulses of the rider. Such a superb ride with great braking system and pretty stylish exterior.

  • Cisco2

    They are a very nice car and if you hit the gas they really do handle nicely.
    I personely think the Bugatti Veyron handles a little better. The only thing is you have to stop and get gas every 12 minutes if you are mashing the gas.

  • JC

    Not enough info Brad! I would have expected a lot more from someone reviewing the mighty Merc SLS!!

  • Jason

    That is a serious sweet ride... almost Back To The Future-isque

  • Rudy Wang


    Wondering the Transformer 2012 : Featuring Sexy Brad with the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG.

    Anyway thank you for the pics, since it's motivate me more.

  • NIce!  I bet that ride handles like a dream on that dirt road...  Take is through the desert on a bumpy road and bring it back and tell them you bought the insurance!  Lucky dog!

  • Ray

    Your driveway is sick too Brad. Which forest do you reside in?

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    @Vic, Hummer H2... thats a beast....

  • Vic Hutchinson

    I love my Hummer H2 Brad. I thought it would handle
    like driving a tank or something, but it actually drives
    smooth. I purchased it with cash last year. It was a
    gift to myself if I reached a certain income for that year.
    I surpassed my goal.. I also have 2 93' twin jags. Now,
    they handle like a dream and feel like a rocket launcher
    when I put the medal to the pedal..lol cya bro

  • Cg

    Awesome Brad!

  • Nice photos... looks awesome.

    Did you like this car or the Audi better?

  • looks sexy... more of another toy for you, Brad...

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