• That’s pretty much how affiliate marketing works.  Through these online programs, you sign on with a partner that markets your product or service, often through a link or banner ad you place on their website. The affiliate then gets a commission based on sales, visits, or customers that result from those efforts.  It’s the ultimate in pay for performance. “An affiliate partner will do a lot of the marketing for you. And you only owe money if they provide the outcome you want,” says Marty Fahncke, president of FawnKey & Associates, a consulting firm with expertise in affiliate marketing.

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    Oh, I could add this infographic to my sources. Being new to online promotion, I can say that I’ve discovered so much by learning this. Thanks a lot!

  • These methods is really basic and if I'm just starting to be affiliates, I would find more effective technique that will give me tons of money.

  • Well, this can be a good start for those interested to learn and earn. Affiliate marketing is one of the strategies that have been integrated with internet marketing today, and it is most commonly used in paid articles and blogs. Even advertisers should take a look of this process because this can help increase their website visibility once implemented in an excellent way.

  • That’s a neat infographic, and I like how easy it is to understand all the information! But those steps are only the beginning. A newbie needs to incorporate more effective steps to survive in the social media world. One vital step here is to include keywords or phrases in the content. That way, visitors will find their site easier while doing research through these keywords. And it will help increase their page rank.

  • Oh, I could add this infographic to my resources. Being new to affiliate marketing, I can say that I’ve learned so much by studying this. Thanks a lot!

  • I really appreciate this as I can show my sister this tutorial because she needs to earn from a good program like this.

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    post is really a piece of work. Thank you for this informative content.

  • Yeah, if it would be that easy.....Still great direction

  • I think it's missing the part between 5 and 6 about the work needed to get that traffic.

  • This is a great & simplistic summary, however, should one decide on the niche 1st before getting a website as this will have a major influence on the website/domain name?

  • thanks brad, justin and co

    these are great steps for newbies, these are simplified yet not primitive and will definately help to get a fundamental understanding about internet marketing and affiliate marketing !

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