• You need to have the right mindset to become a successful entrepreneur. Requires great self-belief, discipline, taking risk and taking action. But I like it that you are now into a different court - you have the ability to create your own income opportunities, and no longer at the mercy of others.

  • Mobilemensa (Alex)

    Great testimonial Paul -- great radio voice by the way! LOL 

    I've known Brad since August 2010, nearly a month after my dad passed away.  At the time, a lot of challenges hit me at once on the corporate front, the family front etc etc.  I first "discovered" Brad because of his unique approach to self-branding himself apart from the other folks out there.  I liked this style, his zany sense of humour but his STREET-SMART solutions that were blueprint methods to actionable success.  His reports were clean, smart, very non-internet marketing (almost the way I related to corporate products) but what sold me was his sense of humour in a business setting.  He was having fun and it showed.  Most importantly, I got a sense of his personality that I don't see with other mentors etc.

    I am a member of Brad's mastermind and this is my second effort.  What separated this MM vs. others is that he is quite accessible to the group if you need to schedule some time or if you want to be part of his weekly "BRADinars".  He jumps into the skype group from time to time when he's not busy earning himself to help folks out.  But the guy damn cares.

    A chunk of the value I get from Brad are his straight-from-hip remarks of actions or things I do which are counter-productive to my overall success.  Since joining his mastermind, I've made the first money ever online.  Not on Paul Clifford's level but that has to do with me.  The ingredients for success are in his knowledge, his focus to keep you on track, and the value of the group when things start to blossom.  The JV opportunities are starting to take root as well.

    I am not fully out of corporate for a few reasons but appreciate that Brad respects that but also lets me know that it can be done.  No intentions of leaving after "doing internet stuff" for seven years and not seeing any results.  Partially because of analysis paralysis and "internet marketing university" which I instantly graduated from with my first call with Brad.

    Congrats Paul for taking the jump and you found a good guy to lead the charge for some new ways to make a business online!

  • Alex

    Thanks for noticing that I care. Sometimes I care so much that I get passionate about my clients projects. Even partnering with them in many cases.

    We need to get you to quit your day job so you can reach your full potential :)

  • http://buyplrtoday.com

    Paul what you have achieved in such a short time is fantastic. Would you mind sharing how you accomplished this a bit more, was it from your own products or...
    As both Brad and Justin know I am attempting to go from ghostwriting for others to creating my own products and earning more income. I would be happy with $3-$4,000 a month let alone $15,000 in two months. That is absolutely awesome and should really help motivate others. 

  • Paul did this with a single software app that he conceived and outsourced the development of.

    Any time you start creating products and stop trading your time for cash, you will struggle early for big payoffs in the long run.

    Paul fast tracked by creating something of massive value that saved people time and money. Software is one of the best ways to do that.

  • Brad, what is this mastermind chat that you speak of? any link to get more info on it... also as for private phone coaching, do you have set rates or is it variable? thanks

  • Brian

    My private mastermind is $497 monthly with a ton of benefits. Hit me on skype to discuss if that's the right path or if more personalized/structured coaching will suit better :)

    This week my wife Claire and I are re-evaluating all my coaching prices. They will be adjusted up very soon to allow me to help people at a higher level be more effective.

  • I'm also involved with Brad's mastermind (recently joined) and I am really looking forward to the difference it can make to my online business. The mastermind group is also very active, and from the people I have met they are really great people. They are also very willing to help others within the mastermind along, which is a fantastic asset to have as well; somebody will always have an answer to you very quickly.

    I know with the correct coaching, guidance and drive my ideas can be focussed and channelled into a positive direction which can only assist me towards my success.

    Can't wait to I officially get my size 13 boot!! ;-)

  • Chris I am glad to have you in the group and to be working with you :)

    I expect great things from you this year!

  • Clark Dugger


    Been following your for some time.  Am extremely interested in you as a mentor.  Am wondering about the cost.  I am trying to do this full time at the present, but am struggling.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


    Clark Dugger

  • Clark
    I suggest we chat on skype first so we can drill a bit deeper :)My id is bradgosseThanks.

  • Gary Scott


    Let's get serious for a minute. How much does it cost to get the type of mentoring that the people in these success stories have received.

    While I'm not at a point where I have no money coming in I am nearing retirement and thanks to the economy a lot poorer today than a couple of years ago and would like to build an IM business that pays me 10-20k/month over the next year or so.


  • Gary

    (putting on serious hat)

    Paul is a member of my $497 a month private mastermind group. He gets access to me 1-2 times a month + skype chat, help from my team etc.

    I have bespoke coaching offers that I do and they can go up to $100k per year. It all depends on your individual needs.

    What I like to do is have a skype chat with you first. Let's make sure we are a good fit before we make any plans. Think of it like a first date without the awkward yawn to put my arm around you move. ;)

    I guess I dropped my serious hat. LOL.

    That's a good example. Some people expect me to be serious. I like to make jokes and have fun, that may not work for some people.

    So hit me on skype
    My ID is bradgosse

    Let's chat first :)

  • Resourcesearchfind

    Would different time zones be an issue for members in the New Zealand or Australia region?

  • It can be an issue yes. I operate my business on Eastern (New York City) time.

    I am willing to do calls between 8 am and 6 pm Eastern if needed. My mastermind chat is 24/7.

    So if those times fit your schedule than it works, if not, I might suggest finding someone more local to help you :)

    All the best!

  • Fantastic to see success. Well done Paul. Even better when I see the success coming from a mastermind group that I belong to.
    I expect to see even more guys quitting the JOB in the months ahead.

    Size 13 boots can hurt!

  • Andy it's nice to see you kicking some of your own ass these days :)

  • Hey Brad & Justin,

    I know this is Brad's blog but the thought is for both of you. I am thrilled when I see success like this. This Paul guy seems like a cool dude too. That matters to me. I hate seeing dicks doing well. ha ha.

    Anyway, I am still chipping away but real estate still pays my bills.

    A few months ago I had lunch with a "friend" and we started talking about IM. He listened for about 15 seconds and says to me "Why don't you stop looking for the quick buck and get down to some real work."

    At that point I stood up and said F$&K  YOU, grabbed my side of the table and reefed up as hard as I could on it, spilling all the shit on top of him.....

    Just kidding. That is what I wanted to do...but I exercised control.

    We just chatted about some more meaningless crap, finished lunch and left. Won't be seeing him any time soon. I've decided to stop hanging around the nay-sayers.

    The point is, it's exactly as you put it; people think making money online is a myth or it's the "fast buck" (the slowest buck I've ever made, lol.) But we all know it's happening as we speak to many people...seriously...look at yourselves. I admire both of you for what you've accomplished!

    All the best to your success,

    Tony "scatterbrain" Brayley. And that is why I haven't made it online yet!

  • Tony thanks for the comment :)

    I think you are "scatterbrain" because you are scattered. Not in a bad way.

    Consider this. Your real estate job/business/career is what prevents you from making things work online.

    I don't think we have the capacity to give 2 things equal focus so we often focus on what I call the "crack money" which is the money now, guaranteed to cover your bills money.

    As human animals we always focus on survival first, happiness second.

    In your case you could merge the 2 a little better and kill it. But we have already talked about that haven't we ;)

  • Dan

    Great story Paul.  Congratulations on your success.  Real tales like this are the type of thing that keeps me motivated.

    Brad does a great job of kickassing.


  • It's my size 13 boots that make all the difference. ;)

  • Great testimonial!

    This is nothing new to me though, I count meeting Brad as one of the biggest helps in my online career.

    I still remember when he introduced me to WordPress - Told me to check it out, it would change all of our online efforts.  Went home that night, checked it out and I told a biz partner of mine, there was no way I'd ever be able to use WordPress.  Next day, met back up with Brad, we spent 4 hours in the office going over WordPress.  I have never looked back!

    Now I have a side gig putting money in my pocket every 2 weeks - helping people learn WordPress. 

    I also have a PLR business online... powered by WordPress. 
    A revenue generating hobby blog... powered by WordPress

    I have also done $2000 website deals.... using WordPress.

    Maybe I stumble upon WordPress on my own one day, but I certainly don't make a living online so soon if I don't meet Brad.

    Anyone who is seriously considering making money online needs to find a mentor.  I fully recommend Brad for the job, but if that is impossible for you - find someone who has succeeded online and learn from them!  If you have to mop their floors to spend time with them - do it.

  • Does this mean you are gonna mop my floor LOL?

    Ted you are an example of someone who has gone from wordpress newbie to guru status fast. I now come to you for WP help sometimes :)

  • This is an awesome success story. Well done Paul and kudos to Brad for providing real coaching/mentoring that produces real results.

    Brad has coached me to many successes in my own business. In fact I'm working on a large project now that was largely inspired by his ideas.

     In response to your questions Brad, I managed to go full time by being a crazy mofo and quitting my job with practically no plan. But this is kind of a good thing because being in a sink or swim position forces you to act quickly, learn on the fly and produce real results.

    To stay full time, I am going to keep hanging around with you and steal some ideas from time to time LOL

  • Leaving your job without a plan is way outside most peoples comfort zone and it's one of the reasons both you and Paul saw accelerated success. You NEEDED to succeed and that puts us in a different mode than WANTING it. :)

  • I have been a full time entrepreneur for over 14 years. I sometimes forget how much it can suck to work for other people especially if you have issues with authority like I do LOL :)

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